24 hours later and I’m enlightened

Submitted By: Katy Boon
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

I summoned Bune/Bim/Bime for the first time yesterday while I’m in the midst of a dire life/financial crisis. I have worked in the same career for almost 9 years and have zero passion left for it. It’s the family business but I don’t feel it’s my calling at all. It’s been financially good to me until the last about 9 months. Interestingly I’m in a 9 personal year numerologically. This year my career has completely tanked drastically!!!

I’ve always been on commission only, no salary which hasn’t been a problem until this year. I’ve worked so hard for nothing… no sales… always work them and then falls apart which means zero pay for me after a lot of work. I’ve had only one… ONE sale this entire year! That’s crazy rough but I feel it’s a sign that it’s time for me to make my calling a reality. I’ve been trying to come up with a name for my business for about 4 or 5 months and just nothing I think of fits. I’m also very passionate about astrology which is going to be a large part of my business. I haven’t been able to find the right time where the astrological placements look good for the start of a new business. In the meantime, I’m now completely broke and my dogs and cats are needing vet care which has been a huge stress on me. I summoned Bune/Bim/Bime with my request of massive financial help immediately to start my business and get my animals vet care. I offered what I had… some Myrrh incense, an orange candle, tobacco, and a little bit of wine I had. I had read oranges are a much loved offering but I didn’t have any and literally don’t even have a dollar to go buy anything.

I did remember that I have some lemon verbena perfume so I put some on the candle and also on the Bune/Bim/Bime’s sigil that I drew with green marker. I have zero art skills but she still responded to my horrible drawn sigil. After working with her I went in my living room and saw the most amazing dragonfly with a bright shiny blue tail and green body flying back and forth in front of my window. I stood at the window and thanked her… the dragonfly came right up and hovered at my window in front of me. Then a vivid orange butterfly joined the dragonfly. It was an amazing experience!!! I kept seeing the butterfly later in the day.

Last night as I went to bed, it instantly popped in my head when the perfect time to start my business is… in about 2 weeks the astrological placements are perfect!!! I woke up today and Hecate kept popping in my head. A couple hours later and after not being able to ignore the signs of seeing Hecate’s name randomly online… I asked Bim if she brought Hecate to me which she confirmed. My kitten that I need to get fixed has been in heat which has been very stressful to her and also stressful and annoying to my other animals. Today she is completely fine and relaxed! And my other cat who has had blood in his pee is no longer peeing blood today!!!!! I know this is Bim and Hecate at work. They are amazing!

It’s only been a day and I’m seeing results on things I didn’t specifically ask! I took a nap and woke up with the perfect business name!!!! Thank you Bim! Thank you Hecate! Almighty Bim! Almighty Hecate! I’m being given signs I can’t ignore that money is coming tomorrow. I’ll post again after the financial results have been delivered. I know Bim and Hecate will bring me the money I’ve asked for in the next 1-3 days! All of my love to Bim! All of my love to Hecate!