Blessed my life with magic and miracle

Submitted By: Anna
Bune Delivered within: 3 Days

I am wrriting this with a sincere and greatful heart. I had been through a terrible situation and as a single mother with pets, with a very difficult background and past, I was faced with a nightmare. I was in a lot of debt having also to pay rent and utilities and cover for food and basic needs without having an actual job. I was in a dark place with no hopes. I begin to do incantations to Duchess Bune after an interest and an attraction I ‘ ve developted for demonology. In the beggining I was unsure if I am doing everything wright or not. I have set a small altar with offerings of grapefruit, carribean rum and natural honey. As incence I have used sandalwood⁸ aromatic sticks and I have burned pieces of sandalwood itself plus aromatic orange oil. I have drawn myself the sigil , and each time I was doing the incantation I was dripping blood over it (my own blood) and drops of orange oil. I would lit a candle green and/or orange and at some point I have painted the sigil using also a bit of myï own blood mixed with the colours.

After everything was set and prepared I would say a small prayer to Lord Lucifer to ease, protect and strengthen the bond / the connection between Duchess Bune and I.

My prayers were merely about receiving financial help. At the end I would write down the amount needed and drop over little blood. The first time I received by a miracle the exact sum I had been written on the piece of paper I was transfixed. Never in my life have I had such a miracle happening to me and also into such a short period extent (after 3 days)

I kept doing incantations of thanking and some of requesting other sums I needed and again and again the same miracle happened to me. From sources and ways I never thought of, money came into my possesion in the exact sum I requested and few times above it. Never less. Sometimes even only after 1 day !!

In time , I have improved my altar , adding a green silk , velvet material as a layout on top of which I arranged the altar, with a cooper plate in which I put the fruit, silver cups for the rum and honey , a bouquet of roses, cooper coins and other improvements.
I am planning to build in time a very precious beautiful altar to reflect my appreciation and my gratefulness that I feel for Duchess,’s Bune Entity.

I was so deeply touched not only by the miracles themselves, the fact I received what I needed when I needed , but also about the amazing warmth feeling Her precence offered me and for realising that such a High powerful and wise Entity out of her choice cared to listen to my prayers and out of her will cared to sort out my needs.

I used to be a christian and pray almost every day for 30 years and nothing happened. It ‘s been the first time I had the incredibile feeling that someone out of this world , such an incredibile divine Being has brought magic, hope and peace into my troubled life.

As I am writing this experience I can feel
strong emotions and a lot of appreciation and gratitude for being blessed with having in my life such a magical connection.
For me, Bune appered in female form, perhaps has both or one aspect I am not sure, even though it is about energy of course

My advice for newbees: offer alongside with gifts, affection, respect, sincerity, and open your heart and your soul so you may also get to experience the incredibile feeling of being cared of, of being listened, of being helped and blessed by a great Spirit such as Duchess Bune.

It’s important to use quality natural ingredients for offerings and incence and to put some effort into estetics of the altar. Yet miracles happen through real things, so u cannot expect to stay home and do nothing and a pile of money to appear on the table. It’s true that for instance, in the hard period of last spring when I was forced to stay home for 3 months as the city went into quarantine, I received help from Duchess Bune in such an amazing way that I had all I needed for myself, my child and the house. Though in this case I was forced by situation to stay home. In relation with Bune and any other Demon/Spirit/Entity/ God, I believe one needs to have to be sensible, have common sense and a lot of respect, avoiding being greedy and demanding.

Apart from the financial help, even greater is the experience of connection , communication and bonding with such a full of deep wisdom and power Entity.

I am honoured to have in my life such a miracle and blessing , and it’s a priviledge to have made a bond with Duchess Bune. I adore and love Her!

I received 1000 from Bune

Submitted By: Calypso
Bune Delivered within: 1 Day

Hello from Calypso, I summoned Bune on a Friday , at the hour of Venus before sunrise. I drew out the sigil , made an offering of fruits, scotch, green candles. I found how to summon Bune on YouTube and online and it worked. I desperately needed 1000 to pay my rent and bills and someone gave me the money a few hours later. Thank you Bune.

New avenues

Submitted By: Jn
Bune Delivered within: 2 Months

Two months ago I asked Bune for help on opening new avenues of income. I am unployed, and thought I was not good enough because nothing seemed to happen, but now a new opportunity did come and I feel even though unlike others I did not see Bune when I did my ritual I know this gift is from Bune. I am still in the beginning stages of this opportunity but have no doubt that I was heard.

Thank you Bune!

My First Bune Petition Success If You Have Doubts!

Submitted By: Danny
Bune Delivered within: 2 Days

I had been trying to sell my bike for near to a month with no interest and I had an event to attend and had no money the bike was my only option to get money so I decided to petition Bune I printed his sigil gazed and meditated on it, I write my petition on the back of his sigil put a drop of blood and burned a green candle as an offering to him, on the petition I had written to sell it within 7 days and he delivered just 2 days after!

Thank you Bune!

Submitted By: Magick Dogg
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

Since the start of COVID19 and the world going looney tunes, I have had a premonition that any magick people practice at this time, is going to be boosted and much more intense. So I kept having these hunches that there are codes to reality and I began to explore Key of Solomon and Lesser Key of Solomon. Did a meditation, pathworking with Bune and within a week Bune had a new laptop for my work for me. I also got paid from a deadbeat client and I have had some dreams with Bune protecting me from toxic people.

Every since the beginning of working with his/her Sigil I felt both male and female energy from Bune and a lot of warmth and love. My perception began to be much clearer and overall, I have had a good time with Bune. I love lighting a candle, pouring a couple of glasses of rum, cutting up a couple of plates of oranges, lighting some incense and celebrating a drink and a snack with Bune.

For some reason, Bune wants me to call her/him “Byoo -nee” so that is what I call my sweet “algorithm” or “code” or “daemon” or “genius”.

Thank you Bune, I love you. 🙂

It May Have Worked!

Submitted By: Swervo
Bune Delivered within: 3 Weeks

I was desperate for a change in my life as far as my finances and my environment. I wanted a new scenery and to make more money at a different job. I meditated upon Bune’s sigil at night and called Bune upon me. I poured in much emotion and focus. I chanted and chanted. Tried and tried. I gave up after that last time. I had done it so many times. I figured this was all just bs, so I stopped. I started to feel different as days passed. I suffer from extreme bipolar disorder. My bipolar depression had a slight decrease day by day. My energy and drive for success began shooting through the roof. My soul felt on fire. But not a painful fire.

I applied for so many jobs in desperation, all turning me down. I applied to one last job. Then I gave up. If not the next day, a few days later I got a call. I was scheduled for an interview the very next day, and got the job within 20 minutes. I make a hell of a lot more money now and I’ve been doing better. If you’re working with Bune, patience and persistence are required. Don’t expect things to happen the next day or in seconds. Like all things, it takes time. Allow Bune time to develop a plan for you and execute it. When things start to work out for you, THANK BUNE! I don’t think Bune seeks worship. I think Bune seeks recognition and respect for doing great things. Love and respect Bune for thy will be the hand that feeds you if you allow it!


The Duchess doesn’t mess around.

Submitted By: LittleRado
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

The lovely Duchess.. she delivers. She delivers every. Little. Thing. you ask for and she does it very quickly.

I have had issues and blockages regarding money for my entire life. Working long days and plenty of them, never getting paid what I deserve and never even being able to believe that I do indeed deserve it. Recently I’ve been working on building my own home to get out of the rent trap and as you can imagine, it’s quite a bit of upfront cost. Also, my darling boyfriend is from France and can not legally
work here, so it has been up to me to be sugar mama. I am a witch, with heaps to learn but in my studies I came across the Duke/Duchess.

Desperate, (though you do not need to be in this stage to ask her for help) I started to research. Do this carefully to better understand how to go about your summoning and understand that you are making a pact with someone of immense power. So I read and watched videos until I get comfortable and confident to reach out. I started about a month ago, making small offerings, reciting her enn and learning her sigils. About a week ago, I decided to do a proper summoning. I went into the desert alone in the morning with my offerings. I brought a chocolate mousse cupcake, my homemade granola drizzled with honey, a glass of rum, orange rose petals that contained a lot of love (dried from a bouquet from my sweetheart), a stone that she asked me for, an orange candle, and some orange slices along with my written requests and her sigil that I traces with blood. She likes blood by the way, I believe she made me bleed a few days prior so that I may have some to give her (random nosebleed).

I showered before my summoning and gave myself a relaxing morning to get my head right. I brought my things into the desert and got naked (I just felt like I should in the moment). She even was kind enough to blow a large piece of parchment needed the wind in front of me to sit on rather than the hot sand. I lit her candle, crossed my legs to sit and closed my eyes to mediate while reciting her enn. Not even a minute passed and my heart leapt out of my chest as I felt claws dig (although quite gently) into my thigh. I opened my eyes to see a massive chipmunk next to me that was immediately startled to see me as well. He ran off but I knew it was the Duchess letting me know she’s here and she’s listening. My heart was pounding in excitement though I felt no fear. I thanked her for coming, I recited my demands and my terms (these will be unique to everyone so I do not feel the need to be specific on this part). I asked her if she agreed to let me know. Immediately, a buzz circled my head and neck. I knew this meant yes and I said thank you and it buzzed along happily.

I have heard that she communicates in variety of ways and she seemed to have chosen the one that would be pleasing to me as I adore animals. I would also like to add hat I didn’t attempt to bind her or even cast a circle out of respect. I told her to enjoy the offerings and that I would be taking my leave respectfully.

Things shook up for me in big way after this. Within a few days, results started coming. First, my boyfriend and I were out through some very difficult situations that ultimately brought us even closer together. She deepened my already beautiful and passionate relationship just as I asked. Second, she brings cash. She will do this in any way she sees fit, so chose your words carefully. She delivers through avenues you haven’t even considered. I also requested eloquence in my speech and to remove my shyness and confusion. Again, she delivers.

Without a doubt, she is very much real and active. I will 100% continue to work with her as long as she accepts and continue to thank her with offerings. She likes to tell you what she wants so listen. Perhaps just a beautiful stone thatbyou notice when walking ( it’s as if she’s saying, hey I liked that, please bring it home for me).

Above all, she will change you and she will deliver what you desire. Trust her and the process of it all. Be respectful, be clear, and hold up your end of the contract.

More to come later, thank you, my Duchess Bune.

Just the beginning

Submitted By: LittleRado
Bune Delivered within: 3 Days

I’m still not sure if we seek out Duke Bune or if they are seeking us, getting louder until we listen. I have only just started my journey with Duke Bune, but he’s already delivered. Rapidly and in ways I hadn’t even considered. Unbelievably excited and grateful to have been brought to know them.

It’s only the beginning, I am so eager to learn more; to be shown more. I will be writing a detailed review quite soon, but I just wanted to stop by with a little update and deliver my gratitude to this loving and powerful force.

You can be anyone.
You can do anything.

Thank you thank you thank you Duke Bune

Late Post but Hail Bune

Submitted By: L
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

I kept playing Bune’s enn in the background while at work last 2019 asking for assistance financially. It became second nature to play it even when I am commuting.

I resigned Aug 2019 and immediately received tax reimbursement in Sept 2019 together with my last pay and it amounted to 60,000.

I now realized that it was Bune who helped me.

Hail Bune!

Thank you and I apologize for not doing this sooner unlike last June 2019 when I posted here on the surprise credit increase you manifested for me.

I am going to properly give thanks to all Ancient Gods from now on.

Hail Bune!

Continued Success

Submitted By: M
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

I am just writing to update on my work with Bune. He is truly amazing, and I am so appreciative towards him. Part of my agreement was to make 10k a month through work, and he followed through.

I asked him for confidence and in doing that made changes in my life to increase my feelings of self worth. I have been working on a couple other things that I’ll will post on here which I am sure they will, he has been very reliable.

Part of my agreement was to get a tattoo of his sigil. Once this pandemic slows down, I will. Hail Bune.