It’s like a miracle

Submitted By: John Doe
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

Me and my girlfriend have a small business. We struggled a lot to get some monthly income (barely enough to sustain the business). Since I started to work with Bune everything changed. It’s like a miracle. Customers coming to us from everywhere and pay good money for our services.

Finally we are able to pay all our debts and start a better life. It’s such a good feeling to being financially stable.

Hail Bune!!!

My beloved Patron

Submitted By: Najla
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

Duke Bune is a large part of my life, and as a caster I work with him often. He has blessed both myself and my clients continuously. Duke Bune is by far my most beloved Demon from the Goatia. He always delivers. It’s been very rare to see him not deliver a petition. Stay realistic, and he will grant your request. Just remember offerings are extremely important to show your gratitude for his help ♥️

Bune is powerful – thank you

Submitted By: ITV
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

After working with Bune I got a pretty cool side job as a fitting model and the opportunity to work with a really cool business partner on some nice, inspiring projects. I also received some cashbacks. And after working with Bune, Sallos and Dantalion all together I got to know a really nice love interest with whom I also think of realizing some projects. Thanks so much. Bune is powerful. Looking for more to come.

Approved job request

Submitted By: Anonymous
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

I asked bune for a job using left hand sigil magic, in a nutshell I’d just put a hand drawn sigil in my left hand “palm” to be more precise then stare at it while listening to a bune enchant audio. I did for three days straight (we’d, thur & Friday) then five days later 26th Oct I got a job offer it happened pretty fast and todays marks three days since I started. It doesn’t pay much but it’s really a breakthrough for me. Welc melan avage, Hail Dutches Bune!

The Duke is Always Prompt

Submitted By: Warlock
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

I have had an ongoing relationship with Duke Bune for a about a year now, give or take, and he has never failed to come through when I have asked him. There have been times when what was requested was not technically possible, which he indicated to me through divination (I primarily use a pendulum for quick answers, but will use other methods when needed), but he has nevertheless helped me to do what was possible within the context of my request.

Recently, it became clear that my job is a dead end that offers me no growth potential and keeps me tired and stressed enough to be unable to work toward new goals. I have a modest sum saved and have radically reduced my debt in the last year (again, thanks to the Duke, and to other demons with whom I work), but even though I am burned out enough that my doctor urged me to quit my job and take time to heal, I felt reluctant to take the financial risk.

I brought this matter to the Duke during my regular offering time a week ago, on the morning I planned to submit my two-week notice, and I asked him to help me support myself freelancing while I shift out of the old job and into whatever my future holds. I asked that I maintain the same level of income via freelancing, but preferably only have to work about half as much (not at all unfeasible, at my current freelance rates compared to my salary at my job). Within the day, I began to see interest in my services tick upward quite significantly, all unsolicited. Bolstered, I finally worked up the courage to put in my two weeks.

This morning, with a week to go, I asked the Duke to help me lock in enough freelance work to get through the coming month and to do it quickly. The Duke is always prompt, and today he had already started doing his thing by lunchtime. A client dropped an urgent rush job in my lap this afternoon, and though I’m going to have to push this weekend to get it done on time, what I stand to make on this one short job will account for a week’s worth of wages at the old place. The same client says there’s several more such projects in the pipe.

The Duke is always prompt and will take care of you. Try offering him an orange and a green candle, or even just a mug of orange and spice tea, and let him know what you need. You might be surprised just how fast you get it.

Help me paid for my car accident

Submitted By: Abyss
Bune Delivered within: Not specified


I found Bune some months ago, at first i was not very sure to summon her but i did. Bune´s presence is strong, I summoned her, asked why i needed and i offered bune some offerings. The next days she was already delivering what i needed to pay for a car accident i had. I was approved a loan for an amount that did not seem possible for me and I also got extra money from some family members.

Thanks Bune for delivering.

PS: I did ask Bune for other things as well and she is slowly delivering what i needed. I can say she is awesome.

Financial assistance request GRANTED FAST.

Submitted By: dbs
Bune Delivered within: 3 Days

I recently experienced a financial crisis and needed an additional source of income to meet and solve that crisis. I turned to the MIGHTY AND POWERFUL DUKE BUNE for assistance. I performed a ritual to DUKE BUNE on a Friday early morning around 1 AM. I prepared an offering of orange, chocolate, and some cigarettes. I lit a candle and meditated on Duke Bune’s sigil for about 30 minutes repeating the phrase hail Bune, hail Bune, hail Bime over and over again. Then I offered my offerings of orange, chocolates, and cigarettes to Duke Bune. First the orange, then I peeled a portion of it and ate it. Then chocolates, I ate one. Then I lit a cigarette and smoke it.

While I was doing this, I was continuously meditating on Duke Bune’s sigil and visualizing that I am connected to Duke Bune in some way so that Bune can also taste the flavors of my offerings as I ate them. I had also prepared beforehand a written request on a small piece of paper. Written there are my requests and what would I give to Duke Bune for my request to be granted. Then I sealed it with a drop of my blood. Then I burned it. Then I thanked MIGHTY AND POWERFUL DUKE BUNE. and I ended my ritual. About 3 days after, additional income streams started coming in. 2 apartment rooms that I have that had been vacant for more than 3 months were occupied by tenants on the same day.

I received an invitation for a job interview. Friends started coming out of the blue and lending me some money. A business transaction was consummated which gave me a commission. THANK YOU SO MUCH MIGHTY AND POWERFUL DUKE BUNE!!! HAIL TO THEE MIGHTY AND POWERFUL DUKE BUNE!!! GLORY, PRAISE, AND HONOR BE UNTO THEE MY MASTER, MY TEACHER, MY GUIDE, MY PROTECTOR, AND MY FRIEND MIGHTY AND POWERFUL DUKE BUNE!!!

Job of My Dreams

Submitted By: Alizeh
Bune Delivered within: 3 Months

I was looking for a good job in line with my work experience and education for a long long time with no success. Too many failures and unfortunate turn of events was making me give up completely. On too many occasions, I came very close to getting a good job and something would happen at the last minute, things would not turn in my favor. This was making me very depressed and approach every new opportunity with cynicism and negativity…

Finally I was introduced to the assistance that I can seek from Duke Bune. Things have never been the same since the day I started listening to the enn while gazing at his sigil…I have got the job of my dreams, with a salary beyond my expectation and every dream has been realized beyond imagination. Finally all obstacles have been cleared and I have got a new lease of life all thanks to Duke Bune.

Hail Bune!

Amazing job opportunity

Submitted By: Mary
Bune Delivered within: 2 Months

I have been very depressed over the years especially on the 2020. I was under lockdown and i started job hunting as i was unemployed. My lack of experience was a big issue. My resume was not attractive enough and if i had interviews they were not even close to be succesful. I found this website and did the spell (i never really believed in anything before).

I was shocked when a company quickly took interest in me… I had some interviews and got the job. It’s not an amazing company. I dislike it a lot but the area i work on is very special, hard to get it and my experience now is very attractive to many kind of companies. I cannot thank Duke Bune enough for this golden opportunity. I will always be grateful. Now i’m working hard to be able to reach other goals with Duke Bune by my side.

UberEats Help

Submitted By: TheRealRuss
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

Hail Duke Bune.

I would like to thank Duke Bune for giving me an opportunity to earn money via UberEats. Before, I struggle to earn what is right but with the assistance of Duke Bune I earned enough on a certain period of time. I always say Whelc Melan Avage Bune Tasa before I start my delivery and voilà Duke Bune help me earn a little bit more gradually.

Thank you Duke Bune. You truly help all those who are in need.