Bune has helped tremendously in financial blessings

Submitted By: boglim
Bune Delivered within: 6 Months

My wife has been trying to find a new job for over a year with no success at all. Rejection after rejection, no matter how “impressive” recruiters found her experience.

I made a petition with Bune for their assistance in the process in exchange for weekly offerings of sandalwood incense, chocolate, and liquor.

A while later, my wife landed a new job with a 20k pay raise! I thanked Bune and my wife put her 2 week notice in at her current job. I provided them with a candle lit in their honor and additional offerings.

Once her current job received the 2 week notice, she got a counter offer that’s essentially double her current salary! We never thought we’d have this kind of “problem” where we have to make a decision on which job to go with, after all the previous struggles in even getting a first offer.

Praise Bune and all their glory!

Bune Saved Me Paying a Huge Fine

Submitted By: Jamal
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

Bune doesn’t only help make money but as I just found out, she’s amazing at stopping me WASTING money through a massive Federal fine!

Background: I’ve been working with Bune for about 5 years, initially in a half-hearted kind of way (whilst dabbling with other dark entities like Lilith, Hekate and Santa Muerte) but I dedicated my esoteric practices to Bune in 2021 and have not looked back.

My life was in a very bleak place and Bune has turned it around in every possible way that’s related to finances and business. I have seen a lot of business success and been able to clear 6 figures in debt in a matter of 2 years.

But that’s not the reason I’m writing this.

Bune is also very protective and I experienced this first hand tonight, in a way that has shocked me to the core and made me love Her more than ever!

OK, so I’m a solo business owner which means everything falls to me to remember and sometimes my memory is bad. Fortunately most things that really matter get reminder emails or calendar alerts so I’m mostly good.

Unfortunately without knowing it, one of my emails has stopped working properly and important emails that I should have been getting, have been vanishing into the ether, and one of these, or I should say many MANY of these have been related to a Federal filing I should have made.

Without knowing it, I had until today to file something and without doing it I could be fined 5 figures.

I had zero idea I was due to file this because all the reminder emails had gone to neverland.

I was oblivious, and so here we are at tonight while out walking (and listening to Bune’s enn on my headphones) the weirdest thing happened.

Trying to get fitter, I was out getting in 8,000 steps, not thinking about anything in particular and letting Bune’s enn wash over me. I was half way round my circuit when I had the loudest voice come into the forefront of my mind, telling me to get home. This was impossible to ignore, because alongside the voice was a feeling of deep dread and my adrenaline peaked making me go into something like a panic attack.

I ignored it for a minute and tried to continue walking (I’m a slave to the Apple fitness app) but I then felt literal hands push and pull me off course and towards home, with the voice saying to get home, saying I had to make an urgent filing.

By now I was freaked out and so set off directly home at a slight run.

I got home, looked on my computer, went to the website and realized I had an HOUR remaining to make this filing – and that failure could see me fined 5 figures.

I started but it looked really complex, so I went to a service provider and they reiterated that I had only 45 minutes remaining and I had better hurry. I told them I’d been out on a walk and had a sudden compulsion to go home and check my books – to which they said “Boy! You must’ve had an angel looking after you!”

Agreeing with them, I was able to complete the filing in the nick of time and I was OK.

Of course I didn’t tell them that my angel was Bune – so I’m making up for this here!


You saved me tonight, I know it was you and I want you to know I feel so humbled that you can take care of me like this – you are truly a light in my life and I’m grateful every second of every day to have found you.

Glory to your name oh great Duchess!

Hail Bune! Hail Bune! Hail Bune!

Job interview

Submitted By: Andina
Bune Delivered within: 2 Days

Thank you 😊 Duchess Bune, I gave an offering of orange essential oil, then asked with help with a better paying and eloquence when interviewing for said job, within 24 hours I got a callback for an interview and three days later my interview went amazingly — Ave Duchess Bune 🍊

Bune brough me 3000 pounds!

Submitted By: Frater A
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

Hail Bune! Thank you Bune for helping me. During the start of the year my business didn’t have many clients and I was really not earning much money and I had bills and debts to pay. So I conjured Bune using Jason Millers method in Sorcerer’s secrets offered her an orange, a shot of good brandy, a stick of incense and a candle. I immediately felt her presence, I asked to earn 3000 pounds by the end of the month. I told her if she were to do this i would offer her these same offerings and choose to work longterm with her and I will glorify her name by telling others about her help.

From the moment the ritual ended I started getting clients and money coming to me from many sources, a course of mine that I had on my website was sold, when normally its not often people buy it and clients just found me, it was amazing! It is now the 1st of March and I have earned 3111 pounds!!! Thank you Bune so much for your amazing help!

I recommend Duchess Bune to everyone! Hail Bune!

Got a good deal!

Submitted By: Dena
Bune Delivered within: 3 Days

Was looking for a particular type of bracelet that normally fetches for at least 350$, which is out of my usual budget to spend on things I don’t need. I’d been looking on and off for about a year seeing if any would be resold for cheap enough.

Did a ritual to invoke Bune and asked if she would help me get this bracelet… A day later I got some extra sales on my store, AND one of the sellers of the bracelets I was looking at sent me a private offer for 245… Naturally, I jumped on it. Enough funds to buy it *and* a good deal? It felt like the stars were aligning!

Ave Bune!

Coinbase released my funds

Submitted By: Malthus
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

My account on Coinbase has been restricted from sending crypto to external wallets for months. My many attempts to get that issue resolved via coinbase’s support team had failed miserably.
Reading through most of the submissions on this page made me feel the urge to just thank Duke Bune for all that he has done to help so many people. I then lit a green candle & sandelwood incense also offered some rum & caramel pudding to Bune. No sigil, no blood offerings or anything else but gratitude to this spirit. I enjoyed the rum, also ate the pudding and chanted the Enn a couple of times whilst letting a meditation video on YT run in the background.

To my great surprise, as I just logged into my coinbase account I could see that that restirction had already been lifted and I was able to immediatly transfer my funds to a wallet I have control of!!

Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa!!


PS: I do intend to execute a regular ritual this coming Friday asking Bune for other favors and I surely will submit again another success story here very soon!!

Yearly income from Bune

Submitted By: Mimi
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

Public praise to Bune for providing my yearly income precisely and amazingly at the requested amount.

I offer this post as public praise to Bune and I state with confidence that he helps those who call on him. Hail Bune!

Unlimited Bounties

Submitted By: Warlock
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

Some months ago, I needed to find work, so I asked Duke Bune for his help. Just as he has in the past, he came through this time with startling speed. I received three offers meeting my minimum specifications, and I took the best of the three. Recently, it has become clear that my advancement and success potential are limited at this job, which is fairly high-stress. So I asked Duke Bune to help me find a better position to transition into. The very next day, I got a job alert link from Indeed that I decided to follow on a whim (I usually ignore many of these, as they are often spammy), and in the process of doing so, I saw an unrelated listing for a very good-looking position that paid about 20% more than the current position. I applied, and I soon received an offer. I got started right away, and have been working at it for just a short time, but it’s a much better job than the last, with lots of potential for the future. This morning I did a brief rite to thank Bune for his help, and I mentioned that if possible, I’d like to get onto a particular project at the job that pays 10% more than the standard pay rate. Within a few hours, I was informed that I’d qualified for and been added to the project. Starting Monday with the New Year, I’ll make about 33% more than I did at the old job overall…all in just a matter of a few weeks. Hail Bune!

P.S.: I should also mention this anecdote from last week. A local metaphysical business was closing up shop, unfortunately, and I was there on the final day to chat with folks and pick up a few last supplies. I ended up talking about Bune with the owner and other people there, and mentioning everything he’s done for me and my spouse. Before I left the shop for the last time, I received a very generous and wonderful gift from the owner. Thanks be to Bune for that one, too, and may he favor the shopkeeper and all the store’s patrons in all their future endeavors!

Still a little shocked

Submitted By: Pharaby
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

Okay, I did a ritual to contact Duke Bune, asking for help with my finances, as I was struggling at the time trying to make it to payday. I asked Duke Bune for help with an issue retrieving my money from the state (as I already “claimed” it a year ago and there has been no movement from the state) but that any financial help at the moment would be appreciated. Within 20 minutes I received a notification from my phone that my aunt sent me $50. It wasn’t the state money, but it was absolutely unexpected (as I didn’t reach out to her as I knew she was struggling too) and it got me through until payday. I was absolutely astounded! Still working on the state issue, but I am still so thankful for the help I was given in that hard time. Hail Duke Bune!

Blessed Finances

Submitted By: Positivechange
Bune Delivered within: 2 Weeks

I petitioned Bune for an increase in my personal finances – I was quite specific in what I was looking for and chose a time period of two months for it’s fulfillment. Actually, already the next day positive change occured and in a few weeks my goal had been met. I believe the choice of stretching the petitioning out to a longer time period is beneficial because it takes the pressure off from needing to see immediate results in order to create belief.

First, I just made my honest request while meditating on their sigil and repeating enn, but at some point I felt compelled to start making continuous offerings. These would include meditations on sigil, repeating enns, lighting green candle, gifts of rum, chocolate, oranges, and other snacks. Basically, stuff I’d read they enjoy as offerings. Doing this continually I felt I was breathing life into / keeping my petition alive.

My goal being reached may have been a coincidence, it’s plausible of course. I have no talents or developed spirit senses in order to communicate properly to truly know what’s going on behind the scenes. But what I wished for did come to pass, and also, in my general magick/manifestation practice I’ve found it beneficial to lean into it being due to the magick being successful. In a positive feedback loop kinda way.

I wish to give my public thanks. To me, Bune seems wonderful, but, see for yourself.