Thank you, Bune!

Submitted By: A girl with a job
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

So I knew I needed a job. Badly. I had read stories about Bune and had researched on Bune, and so decided to evoke Bune and enter a contract.

The basic gist of the contract was that Bune should help me get a job at a specific wage range with a specific amount of hours a week. It should be in a pleasant and fun space, and the work shouldn’t be too difficult.

I set the deadline for the 15th October. I contacted Bune the 13th September, partially using some of the steps outlined on this website, partially with stuff that felt right. I gave Bune apples, oranges, wine, and cinnamon.

Once I felt like I had Bune’s agreement and approval, I started applying for jobs. I only ended up applying to 3. The very same day I applied to one of them, they called and asked me to go to an interview the following day. It was the shortest job interview I’ve ever been to – and honestly, I thought I wouldn’t get the job. But I did!

My first day was on the deadline too. Everyone was extremely pleasant, the pay was a little lower than I would’ve liked, but the hours are great and the benefits are pretty good. The job is pretty much what I’ve asked for!

So, thank you Bune. Thank you so much!

Praise to Bune

Submitted By: Shnstar
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

Approximately a month ago I requested the assistance of Bune I was having financial difficulty and problems at work with a supervisor who hated me and made my life miserable. Bune assisted in having the company not only pay financially for causing me suffering but opened new roads for career advancement with another company! Thank you my Lord Bune-I will forever be grateful.

thank for your gift and advice

Submitted By: midhell
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

I made a ritual to connect with Bune because my situation is not very comfortable and I was looking for sorcery for the money, I have the feeling that Bune was inviting me to evoke it although I do not know if the result was correct, I received money for medicine and the next day a friend asked me a favor and paid me.

The next thing that happened to me was crazy, I won in sports betting without investing so much money, about 500 dollars to be exact but I think that throughout the week it has put me in situations to reflect and I feel that it advises me that I have to change some things of my life about my financial status

I am very grateful for this experience and I have decided to make them an altar exclusively for Bune, for my lands it is difficult to find people who have had experience with Bune so I will always speak well of this spirit.

Thanks for everything Bune.

PD: sorry for my grammar, my English is not good.

Becoming who and what i am today

Submitted By: Luna
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

Bune helped me alot ,right now my career as an artist has taken of because of him and I am really thankful. If you want something, Bune is the demon to go to and spread the word. Don’t keep this amazing, talented and powerful king to yourself. He is truly a god

A small amount but it’s a start.

Submitted By: Clare
Bune Delivered within: 1 Day

I asked Bune for financial assistance, did the ritual yesterday and hey presto when I checked this am, she had delivered, not the amount required but a little help.

Thank you Bune and thank you for this website.

Good luck everyone with your endeavours.

Hail Bune
Hail Bune
Hail Bune

Bune saved my day.

Submitted By: Theo
Bune Delivered within: 1 Day

I prayed to Bune to send me some financial help from anyone, anyway, and at the same night I got the help through my friend who went out of his way to help me and can’t believe it worked in just 10 mins. I didn’t get the amount I wanted. But it was enough to bring me out of my trouble and to be stable. I’ll pray to might Bune again later tonight.

Thank you Bune

Hail Bune.
Hail Bune.
Hail Bune.

Bune helped my business

Submitted By: John
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

I asked Bune for personal rewards but also for the greater success of my startup company. I wanted to see if Bune could help not just me but also the people around me.

In return, I promised to spread awareness of Bune and his benefits, and to pay my own personal rewards forward in the future.

One month later, my startup has received a very healthy Series A investment.

Be honest with Bune. Be thoughtful about exactly what you ask from Bune. And Bune will be generous in return.

It works. Put full faith in Bune. And be honest with Bune

Submitted By: Mal
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

This is an update of my story.

I got the remaining money from as well I got around £6800 in total to pay my debt to bank and to help my father. I used the ritual designed on this site. Kept my end of the deal and Duke Bune kept his.

Its very calm and pleasant feeling. You get with this ritual. And just be honest with Duke Bune about your emotions and feeling and what you really want. And it will come to you.

Hail Bune
Hail Bune
Hail Bune

Sales Increase

Submitted By: WordBird79
Bune Delivered within: 3 Days

I have an online store which I started a few years back. The store did phenomenally until about a couple of months ago. It literally just tanked and I was trying everything I could think of to make my sales pick up again. I cast a circle with a number of crystal quartz stones with a crystal ball on the edge of my circle (goetic invocation with a twist).

I burned incense for him, and wore his sigil around my neck. After reciting conjuration, although I didn’t see him (or anything else) I got butterflies in my stomach…(totally surreal feeling by the way). I could feel that he had actually shown up for me, so I asked for financial help. I said that if he helped me a bit I would tell anyone who would listen what he had done for me. If he helped me a lot, I would tattoo his sigil on my body.

I’m counting the help (so far) as a bit of help so I’m doing as I promised… it does remain to be seen if I get the tattoo. I know skeptics could say that perhaps my sales just picked up for a host of other reasons, but the feeling I got deep down in the pit of my stomach while sitting in the middle of that circle, I’m pretty positive it was him.

If my financial success continues to rebound, I’ll get the tattoo… and be happy to do so.

Got the Job

Submitted By: fourby
Bune Delivered within: 2 Months

Bune got me a job that met the conditions I asked for and I didn’t even realise it cause it was 2 months later.

Everything was bang on, almost to the letter. Incredible stuff and too specific to be coincidental.

Sorry it took so long to acknowledge this!

THANK YOU x100000!