Financial gain

Submitted By: Nanaren
Bune Delivered within: 3 Days

I have severe depression and I was feeling the lowest of the low. I knew of bune a year ago and I did the ritual however I got scared and stopped it. I also didnt believe in her. A year later, I told myself that I would believe in duchess bune and asked for some help with my finance. After doing the ritual I won £20 in lottery and the next day, I won £5 and £2.50. It may not be a huge amount but just winning three times in a row is amazing. I am very grateful for duchess bune and I know there is more to come. I was going to submit my success story after some more big win but I decided I should share this and when I win big, I will share it again.

Hail bune! Whel melan avage bune tasa

Received US$1075 from Bune

Submitted By: Korsah Nyea
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

I was desperate in need of money to complete my house roofing project so I asked Duke Bune to help me with us$1000 dollars and in a month a workmate of mine call me and give me $1000 and a close neighbor gave me $75 dollars so the total money received that day was $1075 . Now I have completed my house roofing project.

Thank Duke Bune

Much needed hope!

Submitted By: Lady M
Bune Delivered within: 3 Days

This story is about my pact with Duchess Bune. I have personal goals of launching quite a few businesses all under one umbrella but for many years, I have tried with no success. I came to realize that I have some very deep rooted issues with my mindset when it comes to receiving money. I always expect the worst and that’s exactly what happens. But my mindset comes from years of being told that I cannot achieve my goals and that I cannot obtain the wealth and success that I desire. This stems from my childhood and has followed me into adulthood.

After some recent devastating events, I decided enough was enough and made a pact with Duchess Bune to start my journey to success. I expect my results to be slow and steady and I asked her to be gentle with me and help me overcome this negative belief pattern. Just a few days after I signed my pact, I have had 3 to 4 ideas about how to generate EASY money and so far one of these ideas is proving to be highly successful! This is something that I have worked towards for a couple years now, but I just didn’t see things from the right perspective. As requested, Duchess Bune has come into my mind and removed the blocks to help me see this money earning project from a slightly different angle and it has now become a reliable way to effortlessly make money every single day! I am extremely grateful and I can’t wait to experience more changes as I work with this wonderful spirit! Thank you so much Duchess Bune!! She comes to me in my mind with ideas and in my dreams with messages. The process is gentle and encouraging and has already been rewarding. If you are curious, I suggest you reach out with a genuine and kind open heart and work with Duchess/Duke Bune!

Rapid Aid in a Time of Need

Submitted By: Warlock
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

Having read widely about Duke Bune and his tendency to work with those who approach him respectfully, and having read about others’ experiences here, I began a while back by making periodic offerings to him without asking for anything in return. My goal in so doing was to establish a relationship with Duke Bune before inquiring about his interest, if any, in working together. After doing this for a time, I conducted a ritual in which I made offerings and put forth a petition to Duke Bune requesting to form a working relationship.

My initial request to clarify that he had accepted the proposed agreement was a modest infusion of funds in a certain amount, deliverable within seven days. If I received this sign, I would consider the agreement accepted, and I would proceed with my responsibilities as such. Within the week, I received a cash gift in the exact amount specified.

Thereafter, I set about fulfilling my part of the bargain, which includes regular offerings and praise. Even if I do not receive anything in particular from Duke Bune during a given period, I always thank him for his willingness to help, and I ask him to stand ready to assist, should his help be needed.

This became important recently, when a particularly dire emergency struck the household. Knowing that I would need powerful aid to mitigate the looming disaster, I made offerings to Duke Bune and asked him to help us weather this particular storm and to avert any financial disasters that might result from it. I promised that, in return, I would submit a testimonial to this site so that others might know his power and generosity.

The aid began to arrive in within 12 hours of the request in the form of an unrequested cash gift, and it continues. So far, we have received enough to completely absorb the up-front costs of the emergency and to make up for lost income during the period.

I offer my thanks to Duke Bune for his aid, and, as I promised to do, I report what he has done here.

Hospital bills not a problem

Submitted By: Allison
Bune Delivered within: 2 Weeks

I had to put myself in the hospital for heart issues, and before I had even gotten a full diagnosis my partner was asking of Duke Bune that we get the money needed to cover the bills, and perhaps come out ahead as well. Since that first day, a former boss has offered me additional work at a higher pay than I ever would have asked for, and several people have (without prompting) gifted us large sums of money – far beyond what is needed to pay for my healthcare.

Asked for money to pay debts, got something even better

Submitted By: Steve
Bune Delivered within: 3 Months

A year ago i was in a tight spot, had a very low paying job and was in debt. I decided to turn to bune – my very first contact with the goetia – I offered some rum, oranges, some copper coins ,a chocolate pudding and the promise to praise him openly and asked for about 1600€ to pay my debts so i at least don´t have to worry about those anymore. Time went, i was sure bune didn´t hear me out but then a few months later i got a better job which payed almost exactly 1600€ every month. Not only did bune help me wipe my debts but also helped me get a steady income. I am amazed! Hail Bune!

She will bend reality for you..

Submitted By: Dahlia
Bune Delivered within: 2 Days

Its been nearly a year now that I’ve been working with the Demon’s Duchess Bune. She has become my close friend and one of my greatest teachers…
She never lets me drown, regardless of what is thrown my way. Answering every wish, showing up every time, speaking to me through everything.

Be brave, tell her what you desire and hd on because she will bend reality to give you what you ask for.

I love you, Duchess.

Worked for us both

Submitted By: chipntina
Bune Delivered within: 2 Months

We called on Bune to help us find jobs after I got laid off and my partner’s industry tanked due to covid. We basically made clay images of both symbols and stated our requests plus drew the name Bune and our requests on a glass bottle of water and drank it a few times a week.
Last week, my partner got his first IT job. Today, I got the exact job with the exact salary I asked for to the penny. This is the 2nd time I’ve called on Bune for help and she has come through both times in big ways.

Very very thankful to have found this way and we will continue to use what we’ve learned going forward.

Whlc melan avage Bune Tasa

Financial gain

Submitted By: Nanaren1
Bune Delivered within: 3 Days

After going through a rough phase in my life I came to know of bune a year ago. I believe I was meant to find her. After researching and reading success stories I decided to invoke bune but I got scared and left it. Fast forward a year late (now) I decided to believe in her and invoked her. I asked for some financial help and in turn I promised to sing her praises online. Immedietly after invoking her I won £20 in the lottery. After that I won £5 and £2.50. It may not seem like a huge amount but winning 3 times in a row itself is amazing and I know she is only preparing me for more. I know I will win big. I believe it and I believe in her. I decided to let everyone know about this win in this website as I too was very sceptical about some stories but let me tell you, its real. Soon I will be sharing another big win with you guys. Please believe in bune as I do.

Hail bune! Whel Melan Avage Bune Tasa


Submitted By: Bella
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

After so much success with Duchess Bune I have to share once again. She has been guiding me on my new path and I find myself starting to change. The change is such a welcome one and I find myself more eloquent and I have more poise. I am so grateful to all the gifts I have been receiving. The key is to truly believe and be patient. Everything that is meant for you will come to you.

I have received so much from her and keeps coming. I am learning each day how to give thanks and I am practicing my skills with her guidance.
Every day I become a better version of myself. My new job is going so well and I am excelling in all that I do. I have even received a bonus this month and its my first month. So I am truly over the moon.

Not everything in my life has been fixed and I have learnt to be patient and allow her to do her work while I do mine. I still meditate and I still give offerings. My faith is pure my intentions are pure and my commitment is real.

I would like each person that reads about my good fortune to really think about your intentions. If you are doing this for a quick buck it might not give you the results you are looking for, but if your intentions are real you will receive an abundance of gifts.