She helped me with my college

Submitted By: Delilah
Bune Delivered within: 1 Day

I am literally in shock. Bune didn’t directly talk to me, or hear or see vivid image of her like how others experienced. I just spoke through candles. I would ask her to flicker the lights if I can finish the ritual and stuff.

But omg, since a month ago I have been having issues with my college, regarding to my exam to a point that I thought I won’t be able to go to university and will disappoint my parents. Since then I have been offering Bune, candles/ fruits/ juice/ blood/ vodka. She may have been at all of my invocations but I have always been skeptical of her until last night, I truly believed in her like she is my last savior. Now today, the college contacted me and said that my forms, appeals are in my favor. The progress is getting better. I know the Duchess Bune will help me get to University.

If you are going to try out this ritual, do it either you have requests from her or not. You won’t regret it. However, you will need to truly believe in her. Your intention really requires. Bune knows who respects and believes in her. She will come to you. Also don’t be scare because her title as a “demon”, she is not evil like what those books described. To comfort you, she even helped the Egyptians pharaohs. She is seriously loving, comforting and amazing.

Every time I do the ritual, I talk to her even though I can’t see her, but I know she was there everytime. Sometimes I just talk to her about casual things, even on the days where I was sad, she truly lifted up my emotions and she made me feel safe. She just wants to build a relationship with you with good intentions. Hail Duchess Bune! Thank you for everything you have done for me.

I was unemployed and in a recovery facility for Alcoholics

Submitted By: Winston
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

To make a long story short. I was unemployed and in a recovery facility for Alcoholics. I bought Bune jewelry from Amazon and prayed to him every night. I had applied for unemployment two months before the pandemic. I sneaked my cell phone in the rehab place with me. I prayed to his sigil and watched subconscious connection videos on YouTube.  All of a sudden I get a text on my phone saying you’ve been approved for unemployment and I called in every to weeks while being confined. When I got out I had thousands of dollars.

This is a TRUE STORY. He delivers to those who are faithful to him and who want to build a relationship with him. This is my story that actually happened in 2020. Thank You All For Your Time

Trust the process

Submitted By: Bella
Bune Delivered within: 3 Days

After really reaching the point of really being so hopeless and helpless I looked for a way to get myself out of my situation. I specifically looked for a spiritual way to do this. For almost a year I was not able to get a lian not even the smallest amount was ever approved. I reached out ti Bune on a friday I performed a ritual and proceeded to try and contact Bune. After reading so much about Bune and what peoples experience was once they contacted Bune. I believe that Bune came to me and I just had a conversation. I explained what was happening with me and in my life. I asked for a change in my life. After having the conversation with her( I identify Bune as Female) I just felt lighter and a little bit less stressed. I spent a whole weekend stressing again so I decided to perform another ritual and I decided to make a pact( this is a personal decision). I felt ready to go all in and start my process and new path. This was on a monday not 3 days later I was able to get a small loan to help me. So I decided to share my experience as I know there are so many of you out there with same problems and reservations. Take my advice do your your research. Reach out to Bune you will definitely see results if your heart and your intentions are pure. Meditate things will happen.

Thank you for saving my life ama Bune

Submitted By: Eddy
Bune Delivered within: 2 Months

Bune saved me even though it’s just 2 months she can really do miracles. It is true!, she makes you wise and smart. I left the company I worked for, that I worked with my step dad with. I left home because my family didn’t believe my dreams of being rich. I left but as soon as I left I took a bus and went to my friends house. I didn’t even think that he would let me stay there. But Ms Bune gave me some where to stay. She gives you everything you need. With faith and hope she delivered. I’ve never done rituals or nothing like that. But I want to though! All I did was pray to her image. I didn’t ask her for money or riches but wisdom. I started taliking to a girl on snap chat and she was opening a business for sheet rocking. Funny how the friend that let me live with him would always tell me hey I want to open a business one day for Sheetrock. I told her about it and I connected both of them because she is illegal and needed someone who she can put the name on the business. Now my friend me and her finally opens it and it’s called Aztec dry wall. Bune saved my life but because she showed me that she delivers. I love her and just have faith and she will get you where you want to be ❤️

Pact starting to be fulfilled

Submitted By: R
Bune Delivered within: 6 Months

A few months ago I made a pact with Duke Bune to have a certain type of career. I am now starting to see that our pact is beginning to be put in motion. Duke Bune has been very patient and kind towards me even when I was starting to get impatient. This post here is another way for me to thank Duke Bune and bring praise to his name. Duke Bune is real and I have felt his energy, it is very warm and calming. Hail Duke Bune.

Bune is always present

Submitted By: Mar
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

Bune is an amazing energy who will come through as long as you follow through. I had found my success from our agreement dwindling, and did a ritual tonight. I use my pendulum to communicate as well as tarot cards and when meditating, felt an electricity flowing through me.

My pendulum was going crazy, I was alert and aware and like a jolt realized what I had forgotten. After our initial agreement I was given the gift of sales in my line of work, confidence in myself, and a couple other things between me and him. Bune is present by my side, I believe. I will update further once the rest of our agreement goes through.

Thank you, Bune

Bune is Beautiful

Submitted By: Vincent
Bune Delivered within: 1 Day

I have very recently started working with the Goddess Bune after being told to work with her by Queen Agrath Bat Mahlat. Yesterday I invoked Bune she came to me as a beautiful and mysterious Egyptian high priestess. I asked her with sincerity for more spiritual and material abundance in my life. She never said anything to me but I could feel her warm loving presence around me.

Today I was offered a job I had applied for about 4 weeks ago. I had forgot I had even applied for it.

Hail Agrath Bat Mahlat
Hail Bune

bune came through for me

Submitted By: Enzo
Bune Delivered within: 3 Days

I was in need of money and I did a Bune evocation ritual on Friday afternoon. I offered him some rum and candle and mediated upon his sigil. I wrote down my petition and read it out loud to Bune. After 3-4 days I received the exact amount I asked from him in a way I didn’t expect

I am still working with Bune and I know he will come through for me again and again.

Hail bune, wel melan avage bune tasa, liftoach pandemonium et germinet bune, veni veni o comitiss bune.

Bune comes through AGAIN!

Submitted By: p
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

This year has been f****d. There’s no better way to put it.

My other half and I petitioned Bune in late June. We gave offerings and chanted their enn. We had a dollar amount and deadline and what we’d offer in return.

Bune was late.


…Bune came through LIKE A BADASS AS ALWAYS going WELL ABOVE and beyond what we asked for!

I cannot praise Bune for their infinite generosity enough! We are so incredibly grateful!


Duke Bune delivered a big loan

Submitted By: Katya
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

Many thanks to the great Duke Bune!

I have asked the great Bune for help with getting a substantial loan. In my country of residence and my personal situation it was not an easy task.
I carved a sigil of Bune in copper and set it upon my altar with two green candles. I used sandalwood incense and chanted the enn of the Duke. When the air in the room got charged with energy I presented my petition to the Spirit. I offered a couple drops of my blood and described what I will offer after he delivers (sandalwood based perfume, a little emerald , public praise and an incense every Friday).

I have repeated this short ritual 3 times. Next, on Friday in the hour of Venus I performed The Headless Ritual prior to inviting Duke Bune. I have offered him a home made cake and a bottle of rum and read my petition again. Duke agreed. He delivered the exact amount of money on the due date (20.08) even though the loan processing should have taken at least until 22.08.

He is an amazing Spirit to work with.

Hail Duke Bune!