Mysterious and unexpected

Submitted By: Grateful
Bune Delivered within: 3 Days

I have been drawn to Bune for the last couple of years. However, my personal fears prevented me from reaching out to her.

Lately, I’ve found myself in a desperate situation. I fell and suffered two fractures in my right elbow. As someone who works with their hands, this was, and still is, devastating.

On Dec 23rd, I set my fears aside. I set the table with tea and honey and a glass of sparkling water. I chanted her enn 108X and just began talking to her like she was an old friend. I explained the situation I was in, how desperate I was, and that I needed help.

On Christmas Day, I received a text from one of my co-workers stating that he had a card with money in it for me. I was so shocked and pleasantly surprised because I did not expect anything. The extra money is helping me a great deal.

Thank you Duchess Bune. I am filled with gratitude.

First offering to Bune was a success

Submitted By: Faeos
Bune Delivered within: 2 Days

After reading much about Bune, I called upon them to let them know that I would like to begin a relationship/work with them. I didn’t use any sigils, enns, etc. I read a few stories from this site, and I could feel their presence hovering.

So, I called out to them to ensure they knew I was addressing them. I said I could provide dark chocolate, orange-flavored things, exaltation, and any particularly delicious baked goods I make as ongoing offerings for their assistance. And I had some dark chocolate on hand to offer in that moment, so I did.

I asked if they could provide general financial assistance with acquiring money for health expenses, bills, debt, etc. And for help with marketing my business. Bune delivered, and I appreciate them, their associates, and all their work immensely.

Within the next two days, an invoice I had been verrrrry patiently waiting on had finally been paid my a client! I also received a generous, much more generous than usual, Christmas gift from a family member.

As a thank you for this, I bought an even darker chocolate bar for Bune. And this one had orange in it! Two days after my initial calling of Bune, I called upon them again. This time, I used their sigil and enn to establish a connection (but I’m fairly sure they were already nearby waiting on their offering as they came very swiftly). The offering was given to Bune. I ate some chocolate so they could enjoy the experience.

Later that day, my partner came home from work with a $50 tip! He will sometimes get $10-20, so this was a wonderful surprise. I hadn’t told my partner about my meetings with Bune, yet, so imagine my surprise when he put the $50 in my money bowl and called it a “boon”. Hahahaha. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing and spill my guts to him. But, hey, now Bune knows two people who are willing to supply them with infinite dark chocolate.

Now, as a thank you for the tip, I write this exaltation to tell you all about how great Bune is. I don’t have to worry about monkeys paw-type sh#t with Bune. They take their work seriously and they are impeccable listeners.

You’ll be hearing more from me, I’m sure. 😛


Submitted By: I. Jones
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

I’ve been working with Duke Bune for about 4 weeks. I asked for more consistent work as an actress. I booked 2 gigs this week with another one pending. All praises and thanks to Duke Bune. I give offerings of copper, sandlewood incense, water and rum.


Submitted By: Success 1
Bune Delivered within: 3 Days

This praise is not financial in nature, I used Duchess Bune as my in game name. As a result our team always won! It felt easy mastering the game mechanics no matter what character I played. Winning and getting MVP every match is indeed a viable praise to the Duchess. Performance is guaranteed. Hail Bune!

I love Bune

Submitted By: Daniel
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

I informally called on the great Duchess to help me get a job and she delivered. It seems to me like she was always listening to me in a way, even though I never did any “proper” ritual, just personal little gestures and whatnot. I want to post this as my thank you to her, just as I promised her Id do, even with quite a bit of a delay.

Bune is great and good and kind, and I love her. She is my Duchess and I am thankful for her patience with me. I hope I can become better just like she most surely wants me to be.

Don’t be afraid to work with her, for she is great and loves you surely.


Submitted By: Denise
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

I petitioned Duke Bune for help with my travel expenses to be paid for. I have a side business that isn’t generating income yet but there is a conference that I desperately need to attend to be able to make proper industry connections. I asked Bune if he could assist with the travel expenses in 45 days. He delivered in abt 4 weeks. All of my expenses are being paid for by someone else! I am overjoyed and EXTREMELY grateful for his benevolence towards me. Praise to Duke Bune! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Lottery ticket

Submitted By: Acolyte
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

It’s the Xmas period and as usual funds run dry pretty quickly.
I bought a lottery ticket at around 14:00, arrived home at about 17:30.
I literally burned Sandalwood incense and Dragon’s Blood incense, and made my petition to Bune. I hovered His Sigil over the incense and let the incense burn in his honour.
At 21:00 I found that I had one €1,250.
Praise Bune! 🙏

Business is Booming

Submitted By: S.M.D.
Bune Delivered within: 2 Months


I followed Jason Miller’s streamlined method in “Sorcerer’s Secrets” to summon the Great Duke Bune almost two months ago. My goal was to make contact and strike an alliance to help meet my financial goals and attract high-ticket clients to my marketing agency.

Since the initial contact, I’ve made it a point to repeat Bune’s enn daily to keep his influence and assistance close at hand.

With Bune’s guidance in the last two months, I have landed a new top-tier client and found new ways to provide more excellent value to the clients I already work with.

I haven’t quite hit the financial mark that I’m aiming for. However, based on recent developments, I will meet my goals faster than I initially anticipated.

I am excited and grateful for the work Bune has done so far, and I eagerly look forward to the blessings he has yet to bring.

I hope to return to this website with another glowing testimonial of Bune’s great deeds and generosity.


Be generous to recieve genoristy

Submitted By: James
Bune Delivered within: 2 Weeks

I summoned Bune using the formula found in Jason Millers “Strategic Sorcery” during the conjuration i felt no presence, there was no supernatural phenomina and the room felt exactly the same. Still, i acted like Bune was present and indeed Bune was. I asked him for money $2000 to be exact without a time frame and in return i offered him praise to his name and the expereince of eating a orange. I made the request, went out and bought an orange then called to Bune with my intention and his Enn while staring at his sigil that i blue tacked to the wall. When i felt i had Bunes attention i invited Bune to take part in my senses and mindfully ate the orange while staring at his sigil. When i felt that i held up my end of the bargin i bid Bune farewell.

Over the next week i had an intuition to build a Bune spirit Pot so i did and Bunes spirit pot has a permanent spot on my alter. I started to get strange thoughts in my head like daydreams about what kind of job i wanted (One were i was payed just to show up)

I wanted to talk to Bune so i drew up his sigil got his attention and made my request to see him in a dream. I placed his seal under my pillow and went to sleep. In my dream i was in a london apartment (A shared flat) Bune was there and he looked like a english gangster complete with a black leather jacket and a bald head. He looked a little intimidating but was friendly and polite. Bune told me i would receive what i had asked for and more plus some personal things about my life

i woke up wrote it all down and went on with my life and forgot all about it. I went to melbourne for a few days and had a great time. When i got back i got Covid and holed up in my room for a week. During this time i got a call from a family member asking me to travel to them for a job driving dump trucks around in order to clean up the roads from flood damage

I travelled, got the job and made a ton of money over a month and a half working 6 days a week. I earned between 2,500 to 3,500 a week and indeed i was payed just to show up. I earned more money then i have ever earned before which turns out was because of a office error. When this error was found out (Due to my own self sabotage) i was promptly fired but got to keep all the money. Worked out well because i hated working so much and i was dreadfully home sick.

I was polite to Bune, i did my best to be respectful and i was generous in my offering as i did not say i’d offer any more then the oranage but made a spirit pot anyway. In return i think Bune was very generous to me as well i got far, far more then what i asked for.

Bune is friendly, polite, and quite forgiving. Make no mistake all the spirits of the goetia are intelligent, have their own personalities, and thier own agendas. They are not just in your mind that are part of the world around us. Bune however is quite paitent and forgiving of mistakes. I would highly reccomend him for both beginner and adept alike

Results in a desperate time

Submitted By: Emily
Bune Delivered within: 1 Day

I made some bad choices and ended up with debt that needed to be paid very soon or else my situation would get a lot worse. The worst part was that I had enough money to cover the debts, but wouldn’t be able to transfer it in time to meet the deadline. There was literally nothing I could do but wait in constant stress and anxiety, just crossing my fingers that the transfers would go through in time, despite the estimated times I was given not being enough.

I had previously had success with offerings to Duchess Bune, so I offered her coffee, pumpkin seeds, carrots, and chocolate orange slices (Going off themes I’d heard that she enjoys orange things and foods from the earth) to ask for a miracle and have my transfers go through to clear the debt before the deadline. I also meditated on her enn and gazed at her sigil to feel a connection before setting out the offerings.

Less than 24 hours later, I just got a notification that one of the transfers had gone through. The previous estimate I’d received on arrival time was another week from today at least. My debt can be paid and I can finally breathe again!

Hail the mighty and benevolent Duchess Bune! Earlier this year, I’ve also received her blessings in the form of unexpected checks and new projects at work for extra income. I highly encourage reaching out to her if you need financial help!