2nd time working with Bune

Submitted By: Foreigner
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

I opened a small business a few months ago. Although I expected some difficulties getting new clients, I had already a few clients that supposed to help me cover my expenses.

The problem: most of my clients left either because of a job lost, diminished income or injury. And, of course, I spent more money than expected on my business.

I already had got a loan and was getting new loans to cover the monthly expenses. So, I asked for money in November and the money came in a few days to cover the expenses.

I asked again in the first few days in January and I got a proposal from my former company in 2 or 3 days (they already had asked me to come back a few times, but we never agreed on terms, including home office only and some freedom in business hours). To my surprise they agreed and now I have some steady, albeit not big flow of money. I got new clients last month also. That helped.

I intend to work with him on a monthly basis. Maybe because I always looking to cover my monthly expenses, that’s how the clients are appearing to help, always to cover a month, a month and half of expenses.