A taste of what’s to come

Submitted By: Caramel
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

I hate my current job. I graduated very young in an area with no high-income job market and no career plan (i’m a child teacher). I’m doing another graduation, in economics this time. I like the financial markets and since I started investing I decided to change my professional area. In researching these subjects, Out of the blue, I discovered goetia and duke Bune. I was never gotten by the religion or the supernatural, but I realized how wrong I was. The more I researched Bune my shares valued and I had several days off at work with pay and I even got a good scholarship in economics.

My life is rather monotonous, but these events have shown that something great can change. I will do the rituals, make sigils and offerings regularly from now on. Thanks mighty Duke Bune for showing your reach.