Be Courageous

Submitted By: Victorium01
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

3.22.22 Duration 7 Days This is my first review of many to come for sure. I have created a system of contact that I am exploring or strategy I should say. I first contacted Bune a week ago with a petition to help with a down payment on a house I desire. I immediately felt the energy with the petition, so I knew that I connected. Outside of that there wasn’t an immediate result so I was a little disappointed because I was falling into desperate situation. With that being said I was determined to continue to make contact.

My next contact with Bune 2 days later was through direct evocation with Enns. At the end of the 108 chants of the 25 minute meditation I felt the connection again. All connections had been pleasing and I asked again for my petition. I was not so much lusting for the result but I wanted to experience a glimpse of some result or “coincidence”. I continued forward learning more and more about Bune. I commited to this direct evocation , learning and now a connective evocation calling in Shem Angels. On day 6, yesterday, I directly evoked Bune and offered my blood as well. I asked Bune to please come through in a financial way.

Today, day 7, I received a contact from my home insurance agent about a previous claim and he increased the claim to almost 5 figures!. I know this is not a coincidence. This confirmation has instantly upgraded my soul because now I feel the potential of my future growth in working with Bune. I will make a pact in the future for sure for even greater growth.

Thank you BUNE!!!!! Please. I implore you to continue forward if you are hesitant. Keep working with Bune. Keep the faith in your efforts. You will receive. Keep moving and improving your strategy. You WILL receive a result! Hail BUNE!