Be generous to recieve genoristy

Submitted By: James
Bune Delivered within: 2 Weeks

I summoned Bune using the formula found in Jason Millers “Strategic Sorcery” during the conjuration i felt no presence, there was no supernatural phenomina and the room felt exactly the same. Still, i acted like Bune was present and indeed Bune was. I asked him for money $2000 to be exact without a time frame and in return i offered him praise to his name and the expereince of eating a orange. I made the request, went out and bought an orange then called to Bune with my intention and his Enn while staring at his sigil that i blue tacked to the wall. When i felt i had Bunes attention i invited Bune to take part in my senses and mindfully ate the orange while staring at his sigil. When i felt that i held up my end of the bargin i bid Bune farewell.

Over the next week i had an intuition to build a Bune spirit Pot so i did and Bunes spirit pot has a permanent spot on my alter. I started to get strange thoughts in my head like daydreams about what kind of job i wanted (One were i was payed just to show up)

I wanted to talk to Bune so i drew up his sigil got his attention and made my request to see him in a dream. I placed his seal under my pillow and went to sleep. In my dream i was in a london apartment (A shared flat) Bune was there and he looked like a english gangster complete with a black leather jacket and a bald head. He looked a little intimidating but was friendly and polite. Bune told me i would receive what i had asked for and more plus some personal things about my life

i woke up wrote it all down and went on with my life and forgot all about it. I went to melbourne for a few days and had a great time. When i got back i got Covid and holed up in my room for a week. During this time i got a call from a family member asking me to travel to them for a job driving dump trucks around in order to clean up the roads from flood damage

I travelled, got the job and made a ton of money over a month and a half working 6 days a week. I earned between 2,500 to 3,500 a week and indeed i was payed just to show up. I earned more money then i have ever earned before which turns out was because of a office error. When this error was found out (Due to my own self sabotage) i was promptly fired but got to keep all the money. Worked out well because i hated working so much and i was dreadfully home sick.

I was polite to Bune, i did my best to be respectful and i was generous in my offering as i did not say i’d offer any more then the oranage but made a spirit pot anyway. In return i think Bune was very generous to me as well i got far, far more then what i asked for.

Bune is friendly, polite, and quite forgiving. Make no mistake all the spirits of the goetia are intelligent, have their own personalities, and thier own agendas. They are not just in your mind that are part of the world around us. Bune however is quite paitent and forgiving of mistakes. I would highly reccomend him for both beginner and adept alike