Be patient, grateful, and all is well.

Submitted By: Ox
Bune Delivered within: 6 Months

I asked Bune for a much hiring paying job, for me to do less. About 4-6 months later I found a job. I only asked bune for $15 an hour, which is the jobs starting pay. Then I found out they have a system that allows you to make more and I started my first day making even more than $15 an hour and have been since. I have this job along with my old one STILL. Right as I was about to quit my old one, I basically got a raise!!! So I make even more money. Yes, it is true, more money, more problems. But I have been fine. I’m thankful for what Bune has done. I tried time and time again, and gave up because I saw no results. Once I gave up and stopped thinking about it, BOOM! Take your time, be patient, believe, but dont think or stress on it too much. It will come. Hail Bune!!