Bime came up with more than I even expected

Submitted By: Diego
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

I can’t express enough my gratitude towards the benevolent duchess Bime, as she told me telephatically to call Her. Last Weekend 15-16th June my financial situation was terrible, to say the least. I am software developer, have no job at the moment, just random customers here and there and struggling economically since the end of April 2019. I worked with Clauneck and still do, and he put food on the table during whole May and part of June, but Bune came to me and decided to give it a try.

She was and still is amazingly providing. I arranged everything I needed for the ritual on Monday 17th. Some salt, some honey, an orange, and her sandal incense. Yellow and white candles, her Sigil and some blood on it. I wrote in a piece of paper that I needed $500 USD within 7 days to survive the rest of the month, including selling a guitar I have. And of course, getting a new job.

It’s not even 8 days since I did the ritual. I got half of the money I asked, from totally random sources I couldn’t expect, even my ex wife which she couldn’t hate me more, came up offering me money out of nothing and a ring for me to sell. And she did 10 minutes after having a personal fight, yelling at each other. Got 2 job interviews during 24th – 25th with a 99% success chance on each one. Not enough with this? A girl that I wanted so bad besides me, that said me ‘no’ last week, came up saying ‘yes’ this last monday. It’s a matter of time until I see her personally. I didn’t even have to ask Bune about her.

A new success story, when I get the rest of the money I asked and one of these jobs totally secured. Hail Bune, my wonderful, benevolent Duchess Bime!

– “Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa”