Bune Changed my life

Submitted By: Bunè2730
Bune Delivered within: 3 Months

I love Bime with all my heart. She is a gentle and ancient spirit. I have never spoken to or seen her, except in what seems like flashes of images or a sensing of her presence. About a year ago in January, I was homeless living in my car. My money situation was dire. I did not have money to get an apartment. And then one day I discovered Bime…..

I don’t know how and don’t remember how I came across her. But I meditated on her Sigil regularly. I became entranced by her Sigil and I drew her Sigil and made blood drops on it to activate it. After that a bonus of $1000 and some change came to me in the form of a bonus and I was able to afford an apartment. On top of that someone gifted me with a 22k gold. Ever since I have made several offerings and mediations on Bime. I’ve always sensed her but never saw her. Eventually I made a petition asking for a yearly salary of 50,000. I made this petition around March/2019. I was able to get a raise of 41,600 in November/2019. At the time I was only making 14/hr but my salary boomed to 20/hr in a matter of months.

Bime Changed my life and supported me when I was in deep need of help. She showed me abundance I am so grateful and I love Bime. She is patient and understanding. My bond with her is truly special. She loves Jucy navel oranges, delicate and luxurious pastries like cake rusks or madeleines. Offer wine and always have some gold or copper near you. Favorite incense is Sandalwood, or authentic bakhoor.