Bune delivered fast

Submitted By: B-V
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

Yesterday I found myself in a very difficult situation, with not enough money for the rest of the month. I was in bed, feeling really bad, when I started calling out to Bune and asking for their help. Initially I called out their name a few times, and then chanted their enn. Eventually, I kept repeating the enn inside my head. I was feeling miserable because of my stress after running out of money.

About an hour later, I received a phone call from someone who owes me money. He said he didn’t have the full amount, but could give me 400 euros for now. Instantly I felt better! I felt that Bune heard my call! I arranged to meet up with him today.

Early this morning (around 5 AM), I drew Bune’s sigil, lit a candle, and presented some offerings. They were they only things I had left: one orange, some cinnamon, and a teaspoon of honey. I meditated on Bune’s sigil, and asked them to come. I explained that the offerings are given as a “thanks” for yesterday, and to ensure that the meet up today will take place as arranged. I also put a drop of blood on the sigil. I told Bune that once I get the money today, I’ll write about my experience and spread the word. I got the thought that I should place Bune’s sigil in my wallet. So I did. I believe it was Bune guiding me on what I needed to do.

I will be contacting Bune later during the week, because I need extended help with my finances and some work opportunities. I will write about that once I have more results.

Hail Bune!