Bune Delivered House

Submitted By: Maria
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

It took Bune 2 weeks to deliver my partner and I a house. We began house hunting and I ended up asking Bune for help since the market is so crazy. I don’t make a lot of money. I asked Bune to find the perfect house for our needs and that our first offer be accepted so we wouldn’t have to go into a bidding war. We also needed a place quickly since I need to leave my apartment at the end of June.

My partner and I started the house tours around 4/15 and made bids on 3 separate properties. The first two we lost. But the third property was a last minute tour that our realtor set up and we fell in love with the house. We made a bid and yesterday we heard that our first offer on that house was accepted!

Praise to Bune for delivering us a house and that we didn’t have to do a bidding war or look for a year. A lot of friends who have tried to look in the same area were unsuccessful because the market is too weird right now. We also offered a reasonable amount as well instead of something insane.

Praise to Bune for getting us a place that we can start a family! Praise to Bune for hearing me ask for a safe place for us. Success is thy proof!