Bune Delivered within a few days

Submitted By: Ekate
Bune Delivered within: 1 Day

I’m writing with praise and gratitude for all the help Lord Bune (Bim) has given. I’m older and facing eviction and despair. I did the ritual (as described -candles, Enn, rum, Sigil – I did NOT use blood, etc.) on Friday morning in the hour of Venus May 10, 2019 (at sunrise). I saw and heard him during this ritual. He appeared in a military style cape as a mature man, soft-spoken, and very dignified. He was so kind and polite that I did not want him to depart. In return, I was very respectful, kind, and caring towards him.

I told him that I needed financial help and wisdom to survive my ordeal with eviction and poverty. I then asked him –what he would like of me. He told me it was important to him that I would publicly proclaim his generous and kind nature to others. I promised Bune that I would praise him openly and acknowledge his extreme generosity. Promises were kept on Both Sides. I’m writing this story in continuation of thanking and fulfilling my promise to Bune. I needed $10,000 to stop the landlord and pay my bills. I asked to receive money in a joyous manner with harm to none, including me –with blessings for all, so mote it be! Within 12 hours: Someone purchased a ring I had for sale on eBay for $500. I won $9 scratch-off lottery. Then, I won $8,888 on another scratch-off lottery. All within 24 hours! This is generosity, this is compassion, this is the POWER OF BUNE.

ALL HAIR TO LORD BUNE: the generous, the wise, the kind, and powerful

**I do not use blood. I do not sacrifice or harm animals. I’ve been a practitioner of Hekatean Witchcraft for over 30 years.