Bune kept me going

Submitted By: Ann
Bune Delivered within: 3 Months

I have been unemployed for a long time. Nobody will hire an older disabled worker. I was on the edge of losing what little I had left when I decided to try working with Bune.

I started a regular practice of summoning and offering. I didn’t get the dramatic incidents that some people get but I got the impression that Bune was an elegant, wealthy, cultured lady advising me. It was like she decided I deserved better and would take me on as her project.

After a few months, I was getting enough money from freelance work and gifts to keep going. I had enough to cancel some expensive bills and switch to far better deals. I have enough coming in to keep me going for a few months while I work on the bigger things that will help me with a new life.

Thank you Duchess Bune!