Bune Nailed It Again

Submitted By: avalon2012
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

I quit my job 3 months ago (March 15, 2019) because I was bored, not happy with where the company was headed, honestly tired of working with the team, as well as having a new manager who I didn’t gell with. I took 4 weeks off to camp, travel and visit family and then did an Evocation of Bune April 12 to find a well-paying job aligned with my True Will and that had a high degree of remote work. I gave Bune one month and felt she was working for me. I got nervous and did a follow up “Booster” Evocation April 26 as things hand not “Landed” yet, but these kinds of jobs can take some time.

During my second evocation, I saw the incense smoke swirl and knew she and her minions were working extra hard. Regardless of my nervousness, I had outreach from the company that eventually hired me within the initial one-month window I set for Bune. I was given an offer yesterday with exactly what I wanted (A job aligned with my career, True Will, high paying, great benefits, and tons of remote work). Its’ everything I asked for and more, and Bune found this position for me during the One Month window I initially set, even though it took a few more weeks to actually get the offer.

Bune has helped me 4 times in my career, and I’ve finally created an altar for her which I placed 3 bottles of wine on and promise to offer Oranges and her En once a month on Friday during the waxing moon. Bune is an awesome, helpful and powerful spirit that can help you materially manifest wealth and success aligned with your True Will. Thank You again, Bune!!!