Bune secured me financially and guided me spiritually

Submitted By: teeeweee
Bune Delivered within: 2 Months

Helloo guys .This is a public praise to Bune:

Tl dr ; Bune is awesome , he guided me spiritually and secured me financially in a tough situation. I encourage everyone to work with him ❤

So five months ago I moved to the Uk to work me some money and make my first steps spiritually away from family issues.I gathered some oranges , cake , rum and asked Bune to help me achieve these goals. In return I would praise him online , properly bake him a cake and offer him oranges and rum again.

Well since day 1 here , there were so many things that could go wrong but everything smoothly fell in place. I dodged difficult situations and people, managed to find the ideal place to rent and got a good paying low skill job that allowed me to save decent money. Side story ; Last summer i went busking with my guitar for the first time , i totally loved it and made good bread. However I never thought of it as something I could do regularly in the city. So 2 months ago I happen to meet this guy at work that lives off of busking and he showed me a way to make it work as a legit side hustle.This revealed to me the possibility of making money doing something that I sincerely enjoy doing for the first time.

On the spiritual side of things I ve been meditating consistently for the first time in my life since april for 20′ every morning. I ve quit cigarettes after smoking heavy for 6 years and i’ve stopped eating meat which is something i planned on doing for a long time. I had my first experience with yoga which i really enjoyed and saw value in. I learned about journalling as a means of self discovery and got really eager about the Quareia course to get a foundation in magick. I am excited to go home , practice some songs and work on myself.

That’s all guys. I am flying in two days and i have a deep feeling of satisfaction and gratitude towards Bune for all that he did for me. I put in great effort but i wouldnt have made it on my own. This was my part of the promise and I encourage you all to work with him ❤