By the book

Submitted By: BTH
Bune Delivered within: 2 Months

Inspired by the stories here and elsewhere, I decided to work with Bune. I was apprehensive as the general idea of summoning a demon isn’t typically looked upon as a smart move. Regardless, I moved forward, using the first method in Gordon Winterfield’s book, “Demons of Magick”. I performed it on a Thursday night around midnight (the idea was Jupiter/money energies mixed with Venusian/Duke energies). I showered, meditated, performed the LBRP, performed the Bornless Invocation, and then the Middle Pillar.

After finishing all of this pre-requisite work I performed the method in Gordon’s book. I didn’t feel Bune, but carried on as if it was there. No deal was made, only the idea of a potential offering and my sincere gratitude. I will say, don’t expect instant results. This website makes it seem as though Bune acts immediately in every case, and while he may in many, or even most cases, sometimes it may take more time to achieve your goals. Patience, patience, patience. The request was to sell a piece of musical equipment for a good price. Today, it was sold.

Bune was easy to work with, even with feelings of unease from me (not due to Bune, but due to the general idea of what I was doing). This post will serve as part of my offering. Be polite, be patient, and be reasonable, and chances are good you’ll have success.