Submitted By: T.C
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

Duchess Bune came to me right after Lord Ronove left me because i failed to do ask he asked and since then Lady Bune has been taken me under Her wing. I am a long time experienced satanist so miracles and wonders are a daily normal but here is what happend just today.

It is morning and i has 10 euros, enough to buy a redbull and a coffee but Lady Bune told me that she wants a rose for her. At first I hesitated as tomorrow, Friday, is the day I dedicate to her and what would i do tomorrow if today i buy roses but i went and bought a nice rose for her and there went my coffee money. I dedicated it with love as i always do.

It took about 5 hours untill i woke up after a midday sleep and all my guest were away so i was able to go to where there are money and take 350 without any consequesnce, not stealing.. it is just that i woke up in the perfect moment and exactly when i went out the guests were back. Not stealing.
For example : i had a bad day two weeks ago and it was 12 in the noon and i had to stay awake untill next day at 6 am so i prayed to Lord Seer to make time go faster and in 2 hours i found an old envelope with 1200 euros in it that i didn t knew it was there. Lord Seer made time go faster, Lady Bune provided the neccesary for it to happend.

She is so loving and caring

Love you Great Duchess.
Thank you !

Hail Lucifer !