Duchess Bune Delivers

Submitted By: Ivy
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

I contacted Duke/Duchess Bune out of desperation last week via a (rather simple) candle money spell. The connection was instant and I could feel their presence in the room with me. I am still working on developing my psychic senses so it is not often I see things in my mind’s eye but Bune appeared to me as a young, lively woman with a serpent-crown and was accompanied by a cobra. This was not what I read about Bune so I searched around to find people’s experience differed when it comes to the appearance of this particular entity (understandably). Yet, my experience was consistent with many others’. Since then I have been giving offerings to Bune out of adoration (things like my artwork, chocolate, sandalwood, etc.) and after 1 week Duchess Bune delivered. I was offered a job in the new installation of an old project which will enable me to earn the money I asked for and perhaps even more. I cannot thank Bune enough for the quick response and delivery. I chant her enn daily and sleep with her sigil under my pillow. I will continue to work with her and build a stronger relationship based on mutual trust. If you are considering working with Bune, do reach out.