Duke Bune delivered a big loan

Submitted By: Katya
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

Many thanks to the great Duke Bune!

I have asked the great Bune for help with getting a substantial loan. In my country of residence and my personal situation it was not an easy task.
I carved a sigil of Bune in copper and set it upon my altar with two green candles. I used sandalwood incense and chanted the enn of the Duke. When the air in the room got charged with energy I presented my petition to the Spirit. I offered a couple drops of my blood and described what I will offer after he delivers (sandalwood based perfume, a little emerald , public praise and an incense every Friday).

I have repeated this short ritual 3 times. Next, on Friday in the hour of Venus I performed The Headless Ritual prior to inviting Duke Bune. I have offered him a home made cake and a bottle of rum and read my petition again. Duke agreed. He delivered the exact amount of money on the due date (20.08) even though the loan processing should have taken at least until 22.08.

He is an amazing Spirit to work with.

Hail Duke Bune!