Dutchess Bune delivered

Submitted By: Starry Nite
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

I was in financial hardship and after praying to God for a whole week or two, asking the Angels for help, looking at other sites and stories how the Angels hear us, God hears us, I did everything that I could visualise, felt it etc and then let it go but no help came, meanwhile my finance situation got to the stage where I just kept my head above water, paying what I could on bills and going without food except a loaf of sliced bread which I would toast and eat a couple of slices for dinner every night until the bread run out!!

This is no way to live I told myself!! I looked through the net for other ways, quick money spells etc then came across a site that had lots of stories from people with success with Demons, after a few days of looking and reading stories of success, I was a bit confused on which Demon to call upon. I read about Lord Claunek and Bune, being catholic religion all my life I was a bit wary about calling on a demon, then read that they’re fallen Angels and I believe we could all be Fallen Angels otherwise we’d all be in heaven and not return or be reborn into this earth without a good reason!

Anyway, I went to bed with a mindset that when I wake up I’ll know which one to evoke. In the middle of the night, I woke up to go to the bathroom and as I did I heard in a female soft voice as if she was right next to me, Bune, being half sleepy I said thank you. The next morning I looked up on how to summon or evoke Bune, after a couple of weeks when no-one was home, I evoked Dutchess Bune the best I could and a few days later I received a customer, which is what I asked for, but I asked for a certain amount of money. This customer couldn’t pay what I wanted for the item she wanted me to make, but I accepted anyway because I knew that Dutchess Bune sent her to me. I was grateful and able to pay some outstanding bills and food.

When I finished the item, I said to Dutchess Bune out loud during the day on a Sunday morning, Thank you Dutchess Bune for sending that lady but you have not sent my original customer for the item I asked for a month ago! I accepted this client because you sent her to me, now I’m ready for the item I asked, thank you! Two days later I received an email from a client that wants the item I originally asked for, the customer was inquiring about this item but has not confirmed as yet that was on 6th May.

As I said Dutchess Bune delivered, I guess it’s still up to the customer, I have emailed the lady since, a couple of times, but she hasn’t replied. I also want to Thank Dutchess Bune publicly for delivering and helping me keep my head above water.

I will be doing another evocation tonight and offer the Dutchess an item she may really like and make a pact with her. Thank you Dutchess Bune, you delivered when nothing else worked, you helped me to regain my faith and belief that not all Demons are evil, they’re just misunderstood.

Hail Dutchess Bune forever.