First offering to Bune was a success

Submitted By: Faeos
Bune Delivered within: 2 Days

After reading much about Bune, I called upon them to let them know that I would like to begin a relationship/work with them. I didn’t use any sigils, enns, etc. I read a few stories from this site, and I could feel their presence hovering.

So, I called out to them to ensure they knew I was addressing them. I said I could provide dark chocolate, orange-flavored things, exaltation, and any particularly delicious baked goods I make as ongoing offerings for their assistance. And I had some dark chocolate on hand to offer in that moment, so I did.

I asked if they could provide general financial assistance with acquiring money for health expenses, bills, debt, etc. And for help with marketing my business. Bune delivered, and I appreciate them, their associates, and all their work immensely.

Within the next two days, an invoice I had been verrrrry patiently waiting on had finally been paid my a client! I also received a generous, much more generous than usual, Christmas gift from a family member.

As a thank you for this, I bought an even darker chocolate bar for Bune. And this one had orange in it! Two days after my initial calling of Bune, I called upon them again. This time, I used their sigil and enn to establish a connection (but I’m fairly sure they were already nearby waiting on their offering as they came very swiftly). The offering was given to Bune. I ate some chocolate so they could enjoy the experience.

Later that day, my partner came home from work with a $50 tip! He will sometimes get $10-20, so this was a wonderful surprise. I hadn’t told my partner about my meetings with Bune, yet, so imagine my surprise when he put the $50 in my money bowl and called it a “boon”. Hahahaha. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing and spill my guts to him. But, hey, now Bune knows two people who are willing to supply them with infinite dark chocolate.

Now, as a thank you for the tip, I write this exaltation to tell you all about how great Bune is. I don’t have to worry about monkeys paw-type sh#t with Bune. They take their work seriously and they are impeccable listeners.

You’ll be hearing more from me, I’m sure. 😛