Followed the Spell

Submitted By: Starry Nite
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

Last Friday night I performed the spell outlined on this site, it was 10.30pm, I set up my candles on a plastic box and placed a framed Egyptian picture covered with glass which has lots of green colours in it representing abundance and the colour of Bune.

I followed the ritual as stated, made a pact with the Dutchess and offered gold watch, some Chanel no5 perfume and a small glass of Irish Baileys. I visualised her sigil and I know that it got charged. I chanted her enn for at least 10 minutes or more then felt I had to stop. I made the petition and the pact, then closed the circle and left the candles burning for a little while, then folded the sigil and placed it under the green candle.

Before I went to bed I fanned the candle flames off with my hand, so as to not leave any candles alight throughout the night, and left the incense and offerings on the table/alter for 2x days.

I’m not sure if it worked or if Duchess Bune heard me, I didn’t feel her presence but i believe she would’ve heard me somehow. So far I have not received what i asked for, well, not fully anyway.

I had invoked Duchess Bune about one and a half months ago for the first time, for more business and she delivered within a week which is what I wanted but not the amount i expected, but i still accepted the customer and when i finished what the customer asked for, the very next day the Duchess delivered another customer to order what i originally asked for, but the customer said she’ll think about it and get back to me, I’ve emailed the customer since but have not had any reply from her. That was almost 3x weeks ago.

I was thinking of maybe invoking the Duchess again, I’m not sure if i should do that or wait longer. The thing is that i rely on this or other customers for work and am slowly drowning in bills.

I’m so worried and stressed about my financial situation this week whereas last two weeks i was still in financial hardship but not stressed! I just don’t know what to do anymore. i have a mortgage, bills piling up, minimum food, no other income!!

I’m still keeping up the faith and belief that Duchess Bune will deliver soon.