From a Skeptic to a Believer

Submitted By: James
Bune Delivered within: 3 Weeks

I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical that such a simple ritual was capable of producing the results recounted on this site, but I was hardly disappointed with my attempt. I crafted Bune’s seal, lit an orange candle and some sandalwood incense, recited his enn while staring at the seal, then performed the Bune invocation from Sorcerer’s Secrets. I asked for a laundry list of items that I needed with an associated dollar amount that totaled around $1,000. The first item on my list was worth $200, and within the week a family member that was apparently going to send me a care package for St. Patrick’s day asked me if I just wanted money instead. About $200, specifically. Throughout the next couple of weeks, I was also given more hours than I normally am with my remote PT gig which resulted in a larger paycheck than normal. Finally, and although this may be unrelated since it’s only peripherally related to what I was asking for, I received an amazing opportunity to buy an awesome car for an exceptionally good price from a friend of the family to replace my current vehicle that I’m having recurrent issues with. I promised that upon the successful devliery of my request, I would provide more incense and another orange candle, an orange, some brandy, and publically praise his name and deeds. The last of which I’m honoring now. Hail Bune!