Got an excellent job in a matter of 20 days

Submitted By: Diego
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

This is the second part of the story I told here for the ritual I did on June 17th, which came up to be partially effective. My economic situation was being horrible, still is, I am a software developer and was looking for a job since the end of March. All of a sudden, after contacting Her, Bime (Bune) came up offering a hand, scheduling 2 interviews on 23th and 24th. I ended  up getting a 2nd interview for the one I had on 24th. On 28th I finally got the job. I started 1st July.

This is the way things started with Duchess Bime. However, I lasted something like 3 days on that job because the boss was an ~#@hole. Fine. So you may say, then what was all this about if you had to quit that job? Well, THE SAME day I quit that job I received a phone call from a third company for another interview. A big one, much better salary, much better place and an amazing career opportunity. This was on July 3rd – THE SAME DAY I QUIT! Got two more interviews with the same company, and I received the confirmation today that I am indeed hired.

Not enough proof? Today (23rd) I made a ritual to thank Her for this and asked for some new opportunities, some extra job to survive during August until I cash the 1st salary. Bingo. A customer I worked with came up offering new work, FOR THE WHOLE month and months to come in case I want it đŸ™‚ I even have to decide how much time I want to work…

So what else can I say … This story is beyond words.

Wehl Melan AvageBune Tasa
Hail Duque Bune!
Hail Duchess Bime!

Forever in debt with you.