Grateful Awe

Submitted By: Simon Bransby
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

My partner and I haven’t been in the best of financial straits for a while. I wasn’t sure what to do, until I found a post on Reddit thanking the Great Duke for Their help. I searched Their name, and found this site. After a bit of hesitation, I took the chance and preformed the steps. Almost immediately afterwards, I felt a warm and caring presence near me. Within the same day, before sunset, the mail delivered a statement from the UI office saying our funds had been raised 3x! A few days later, my housemate found a job at a place that wasn’t holding interviews and was hired on the spot.

Our bills have been more reasonable as well this month, and I’ve personally gotten extra funds from my family without asking for it! There’s also a chance my partner could get a great position with a company that’s been looking at his resume.

Hail the Great Duke!!

I have kept my end of the bargain I made, and got a tattoo of Their Seal in a visible place, that all may see Their Power.

The Three-Fold Dragon is one of the greatest friends I’ve had.