Had to be him

Submitted By: Benny Barrett
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

Okay so I’m going through a divorce, I’m two and a half months in. Attorney fees have been nearly 10k and child support and not seeing my kids has worn me out. I’m all about black magic but I got tired of the consequences so here I am. I always heard Christians saying masturbation was a sin and a demonic ritual so I masturbated and when I felt myself about to come I began saying Bune’s enn “well me lann avadje Bune tasa” I kept saying it and when I started cumming I shouted. In a week I want from making 5600 a month to making a minimum of 1000 a day. Magic is very serious and every morning I cannot believe this is really happening to me. I am scared to tell people about it because they will think I’m crazy and or ask for money. Thanks Bune you are the real MVP