Hail Duchess Bune! ❤️

Submitted By: Tiffany
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

I invoked Bune last night. The dots on the sigil paper is my blood.
The offering plate had chocolate, cinnamon, and honey as well as dried roses sprinkled on the plate as I burned an orange candle for her.
I didn’t have rum, but offered blue curaçao as it’s a “citrus” liquor. 😅

It hasn’t been a full 24 hours later, and she has already delivered part of what was said/asked!

I had given up hope of seeing a neurosurgeon at UK hospital as they kept “losing” my referral.
Today makes about 2 months since my doctors office reached out to them for a referral and I get a phone call saying my appointment has been made for September 7th which is so soon for a teaching hospital!

Hail Duchess Bune! ❤️

Will update later on about the other requests!