Hail Duke Bune

Submitted By: Susu
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

I am a student and work part time but have been on medical leave so funds have been tough especially coming up with the means for this upcoming semester. My car has been giving me issues to add to the financial strain. I was also informed from my job that I would need to do a shift bid due to the new year. I need to work the earliest schedule to ensure I can go to doctors appointments and school. I have worked with the Great Duke a few months back and I was so pleased with the results. This time I petitioned for the Duke to please assist me financially and also with the shift bid happening this very afternoon.

Upon completion of the ritual I let the candles burn and let his offering sit in my circle for him to enjoy. 2 hours later I got a call from my supervisor informing me I’d gotten the shift I needed, I also saw my father who bought some very much needed things for my home and gave me some money for me. I know the Duke will assist his humble servant in the other petitions I made, but I’m humbly grateful for my almost instant results. The Duke is a very reliable and easy to work with spirit. Thank you Duke Bune.