Hail Duke Bune

Submitted By: Stefan
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

So to begin I felt very drawn to Duke Bune and I kept seeing his name everywhere and people talking about him and so I started researching and learning how to contact him, I then summoned Duke Bune by chanting his enn and staring into his sigil on a piece of paper that I printed with some meditation music in the background, I gave offerings of oranges with honey on them and coins and a gold chain all beside the paper sigil, I then used a diabetic needle and pricked my finger giving Duke Bune my blood as an offering onto the paper, After chanting his enn I was able to feel his powerful presence in the room and that is when I started to ask him, I asked that he would give me a money blessing that will be random and unexpected and something that I will know for sure it was him who did it, 1 week later a few days before my birthday a family member randomly calls and sends me and my sibling $500 dollars as our birthday gift and this was very unexpected as this family member would usually give me and my sibling about $50-100 for our birthdays, this was all thanks to the great and powerful Duke Bune, I suggest everyone to work with him dont be scared as he is very friendly professional and he is one of the fastest demons to work with he brings amazing results extremely fast usually anywhere between 1 day to 2 weeks max depending on what you request, also make sure to give blood offerings as this is like a guareented way of getting what you ask. Glory and Praise to Duke Bune in the highest form.