Hail Duke Bune

Submitted By: SusuJuju
Bune Delivered within: 1 Day

I havent been well lately due to my MS and upcoming surgery. I had no knowledge of the Goatia much less Duke Bune. A friend mentioned him to me and said that I should try summoning him for financial help. I was also the victim of sexual molestation which also caused me to be wrongfully accused of assault when I was trying to defend myself. I came across this website and after reading all the stories I though, why not give it a try? I did the ritual last week Friday and i burned some candles and incense. I also had the enn playing, and I was very relaxed felt more like I was in a trance. I offered brandy to him as a thank you for your time kinda thing.

As the ritual progressed I didn’t see anything straight, I just recall feeling very light headed and woosey. I asked Duke Bune for financial assistance, and I also asked him to please help me clear my name from being wrongly accused. I sealed my contract with blood and I entered into an ongoing pact with him. I did promise that I would spread his great name via Instagram, and word of mouth. I also want to make a website dedicated to him. The day after the ritual I got my settlement money from a car accident that I’d had, but I didn’t know if it was Duke Bunes doing or not, so yesterday Dec 31, 2019 I heard from a detective handling the case.

I knew right away that this was Duke Bunes doing. I was elated and grateful to the Duke for having helped me. I will be doing an offering Saturday to thank him for his assistance. Hail be to Duke Bune. I would love to be able to see him the next time I work with him. I am extremely pleased with his help! I highly recommend this spirit. He does deliver fast and with good results.