Healed Flesh

Submitted By: Porcelain
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

I communed with Buné for the first time last night and I’d like to make good immediately on my promise to him. I asked Buné to please help my skin heal as it’s been covered in horrible rashes, and sores for months with no avail in my attempt to heal my skin holistically, with lotions or creams and healing ointments and medications. When I communed with him my rashes felt like they were on absolute fire, but I felt no real pain from them. I felt what I am certain was him pinching my shoulder just enough to sting but not enough to harm me. I finished the ritual and went to bed. I had dreams of drinking alcohol (which was my offering) and these grimy grey hands reaching from all angles in an abyss touching my flesh. When I awoke almost all the rashes healed dramatically more than they have in months. Thank you so much for healing my flesh Buné