helped with a financial situation

Submitted By: Sara
Bune Delivered within: 2 Months

I reached out to Bune asking for help as I was in a financial rut, this website gave the clearest and safest instructions about the ritual so I decided to do it. I was desperate and unclear on what he wanted exactly so I just offered orange chocolate, a flavoured alcoholic beverage and cake. Also, part of the offering was that I’d be honest about where I got the money from, including being honest to my friends and followers. I never asked him to make a deal but just simply offered what I would give him in return for $3k-5k. I stupidly forgot to offer a timespan and had very little expectations. Around the middle of November we stumbled across a house that was ideal for our family and cheaper overall, but lacked funding to move. This was when we were randomly offered $5000 to pay for rent upfront, we were shocked but knew it was Bune helping us out. I’m very grateful and pleased that it worked. I won’t go into too much detail but would like to warn anyone reading that if you’re not specific what you’re asking for could come in a way you don’t particularly expect, so don’t be afraid to set as many conditions as you need.