House finally under contract

Submitted By: Barbellion
Bune Delivered within: 3 Days

I’d like to give thanks to Bune for sending to me and my wife a buyer for our house. We have had our house on the market for twelve weeks now. We live in a nice area in a popular city, but after thirty-five showings we still hadn’t received a single offer. We’ve even lowered the price twice since the initial listing. We’ve been eager to sell because my wife lost her job earlier this year, and we can no longer afford the mortgage. Money is now beginning to run thin, and we weren’t sure how this was going to end if we didn’t find a buyer soon. We had considered lowering the price again (and for a rather large amount), but with the two previous price cuts, that would put us well below market value. I wasn’t sure why we were having such a difficult time, but we certainly seemed to be hitting a wall we couldn’t get through. The reader should also know that I’m a seasoned magician with a list of successful workings to my name, but this time nothing I did had any effect. That’s when I turned to Bune.

It was a Friday evening, while reading a book on money magic and looking for something new to try (I felt at the end of my rope), that I came across Bune’s name and sigil. I began my invocation, prayers, and devotion to Bune that same night. The following day (Saturday) we received a request for a house viewing for Sunday morning. There was nothing particularly remarkable about this as we tend to have on average three showings per week. Yet I had a strangely optimistic feeling about this one. I continued my prayers and devotions to Bune throughout the day at the altar I established for him in a guest bedroom (respectfully taking the altar down, of course, when we had potential buyers in the house). The Sunday showing came and went, and we heard nothing from this couple until Monday afternoon when they requested a second showing! My wife and I were pretty excited at this point. We always vacate the house during a showing and generally spend the time at a nearby park. During this second showing, among the trees and by a lake, I mentally invoked Bune again, repeating my heartfelt request that the proper person would find our house and make an offer to buy. Tuesday morning we woke with a message from our realtor that this couple had made us an offer!

I’m amazed at the speed with which Bune answered my request. In just over three days Bune sent us the right buyer with an acceptable offer. My altar to Bune is now a permanent fixture in whatever house I call home. And my connection with Bune has become so strong and heartfelt that candles and incense (among other offerings) are given in perpetual devotion. Not only have I gained a buyer for my home and release from a potentially disastrous financial situation, I’ve also gained a spiritual guide and guardian in this most remarkable of goetic daemons.