I found 7 grand in my bank account

Submitted By: Alexh
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

I had several suicide attempts growing up and was very mentally ill. On one psych ward i met a spiritual satanist. After many conversations i decided to explore my interest in the occult. I signed a blood pact with Satan at 19 years old after i got out of the hospital. I asked for his assistance and devoted my life to him.

it was not long before i found out about goetic demons.

I initially sought Bune’s help because i was too mentally ill to work after my mom died. after about 3 years of denied applications for SSDI I got one of Bune’s sigils tattooed on my neck. within a few months I received the benefits and substantial amount of back-pay. and survivors benefits from my mother that i didn’t know I qualified for. I got the other sigil tattooed on the opposite side of my neck. both are very well done. I then found 7 grand in a bank account i forgot I had. Apparently part of my back-pay was direct deposited without me knowing into a bank account I stopped using years ago. After getting the tattoos on my neck I have a much easier time speaking and communicating and i have felt protection.

In the process i learned a lot about bune. I mean a lot a lot. I was shown some information that blew my mind.
I feel like I understand the nature of death now in ways I did not before. It is far easier now to communicate with the dead. I have seen bune appear as flashes of images mostly. an old man, an Egyptian woman, a dragon on a pile of gold, there is a lot of visual communication that occurs. rather than telling bune often shows. and rather than speaking to me bune often forces me to to find the right words on my own and come to the right conclusions on my own. my boyfriend has heard bune speak. he seems to do one or the other.

there also is a dual nature to this spirit. both masculine and feminine. as well as a strong Egyptian connection. which makes sense seeing as people commonly associate ancient Egypt with extravagant tombs for the dead with gold and treasures. the association seems obvious. Bune is incredibly honest and seemingly benevolent. I used to spend much time as a child hanging out alone in a graveyard and i feel the same draw again. I read in a book called the encyclopedia of demons in world religions and cultures that bune has many spirits working under him called the buni. It is also worth it to google corpse candles. according to this book bune creates vampiric creatures known as corpse candles. I had an obsession with vampires growing up. i was also born December 9 of 1994. i have a Sagittarius stellium and was born when the sun was in the second decan of Sagittarius during the day. I assume my results are not typical but my situation and life have been so thoroughly influenced by this siprit i figured i would speak up when i found this website. i often wonder if i found bune or if bune found me.

if you work closely with bune do not be surprised to have experiences with the dead and necromancy they likely will happen. inheritances are also possible