It May Have Worked!

Submitted By: Swervo
Bune Delivered within: 3 Weeks

I was desperate for a change in my life as far as my finances and my environment. I wanted a new scenery and to make more money at a different job. I meditated upon Bune’s sigil at night and called Bune upon me. I poured in much emotion and focus. I chanted and chanted. Tried and tried. I gave up after that last time. I had done it so many times. I figured this was all just bs, so I stopped. I started to feel different as days passed. I suffer from extreme bipolar disorder. My bipolar depression had a slight decrease day by day. My energy and drive for success began shooting through the roof. My soul felt on fire. But not a painful fire.

I applied for so many jobs in desperation, all turning me down. I applied to one last job. Then I gave up. If not the next day, a few days later I got a call. I was scheduled for an interview the very next day, and got the job within 20 minutes. I make a hell of a lot more money now and I’ve been doing better. If you’re working with Bune, patience and persistence are required. Don’t expect things to happen the next day or in seconds. Like all things, it takes time. Allow Bune time to develop a plan for you and execute it. When things start to work out for you, THANK BUNE! I don’t think Bune seeks worship. I think Bune seeks recognition and respect for doing great things. Love and respect Bune for thy will be the hand that feeds you if you allow it!