It really works!

Submitted By: Droneth
Bune Delivered within: 1 Day

Okay, so recently me and my friends have found out about Duke Bune and we have been trying to learn about him. I recently learned his Enn and the other day I was in the shower and I (half-jokingly) chanted his Enn a few times and asked him for some rice pudding. The next day I was in class and, strangely, my friend just handed me a cup of rice pudding. I told him about how I asked Bune for it and he just said, “That’s so weird.” He also told me about how, the day before, when I asked Bune for rice pudding. He acquired $60 and instead of saving it, he decided to spend it all on rice pudding. It’s quite a weird occurrence, and this basically proves his existence, for me, at least. I will be communicating with Duke Bune more from now on.

Thank you, Bune!