Submitted By: Murderousness
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

My husband, and I have been students of the Occult for about 20 year’s, but recently we decided to re-dedicate our efforts in Ceremonial Magick, and in the Goetia more specifically. Now if I had to put a label on our beliefs, and approach I would say that we come from a Deamonolatry frame of mind. We stay away from more traditional Judeo-Christian forms of Goetia which require the magician to threaten, and torture the Demon in an effort to get what they want. We prefer to come from a place of reverence, and respect for these powerful, timeless entities. When we request the presence of these Demons it is in the hopes of forging a mutually beneficial working relationship, and even more than that… A friendship!

After much study, and meditation, just as many magicians before us, we decided to request upon Bune. We had a multitude of reasons for choosing Bune aside from the obvious. For me personally, I have a strong interest in Necromancy, having had a lifetime of strange, and sometimes terrifying experiences. Without getting to personal with it, I can say that this was one of the main catalysts that lead me in this direction to begin with. I know Bune to be a keeper of knowledge in Necromantic Arts. In choosing him my hope is to cultivate a student-teacher relationship. As for my husband, well his reasons are his own, and he has his own story to tell. This first meeting was meant to be more of an Introduction, and a chance to enter into an on-going, working pact. That is if Bune would choose to accept.

Things really began 3 days before the actual ritual with a fast (Unsweetened teas, coffee, and juice were permitted in strict moderation). Maybe it’s a little old school, but it’s our belief that the fasting helps to purify the spiritual body, as well as a way to show the Demons that we are willing to sacrifice our comfort for the honor of their presence. The entire day of the ritual was spent in preparation, and contemplation. I made the sigils, and wrote out the pact onto a scroll of parchment. In the last hours leading up, we took our ritual baths mixed with various oils, herbs, and salt. We prepared the space. Laid out our canvas circle, the triangle, various artifacts, some crystals and stones, a skull for necromancy, and some other odds and ends which are there to help guide our intent and concentration. The dragons blood, and sandalwood resin and incense cones. Black candles and votives were set around the room, and some beautiful hand made candles in beautiful shades of burnt orange and sage green in honor of Bune were placed into the four hexagrams at the outer rim of the circle. My husband prepared an incredible offering plate made up of goat cheese drizzled with honey, soprasata, and dried salami, olives, dates, fresh crusty sourdoe bread, macaroons, dark chocolate infused with sea salt and orange zest, butterscotch pudding, citrus vodka, and two cigars. This offering was merely for his presence. It was our intention to treat him as our guest, and to offer him a proper meal like you would for anyone you care for coming into your home as a guest. It was midnight when everything was ready. My husband performed a banishing for good measure, and we entered the circle. We took some time to meditate, and adjust ourselves into the right frame of mind.

We’ve read through quite a few different versions of The Lemegeton over time, and we settled on a ritual calling from a Deamonolatry Goetia. We changed some of the wording, and some of the steps to fit our personal beliefs, yet simultaneously kept much of the old traditions to create a ritual that felt truly powerful to us. One foot in the past out of respect for those who came before us, and one foot in the present forging our magical path. We began by opening the sigil by each placing a small amount of blood onto it, and then placing it into the circle within the triangle. I should state now that the use of the Triangle of Art in our ritual is not used to confine the demon. Of course it has a symbolic purpose, a place to focus our energies, and also a point of entry. Using a compass we find the appropriate direction corresponding to the demon, and that is where we place the triangle, and that is the direction we face. After placing the sigil we began to chant Bunes Enn (Welhc Melan Avage Bune Tasa) in groups of 5, while staring into the sigil. The energy in the room began to change immediately. When I finally looked up the room actually looked different somehow, there’s just no way to properly explain this, it just did. As we chanted it became more intense, more deliberate without even trying. A rhythm set in. We followed that by doing the first calling done by myself, followed by more Enn chanting, then the second calling done by my husband. Then a moment to assess what we were feeling and sensing in silence. The atmosphere was thickening. It began to feel electric. We began again with chanting the Enn, and doing the callings. We did this 4 rimes in total, between each session taking stock of the environment, and each time things intensified. We were prepared to do this for as long as it would take, yet halfway through the fourth session thing’s began happening. It was very important to my husband and I not to lead each other in a way that would influence one another into seeing or experiencing something that may not be actually happening. Not to play off each others imagination rather. We did our very best not to taint the experience, or to falsely read into every little shadow, or sound.

Luckily what came next was absolutely undeniable, and completely miraculous in nature. The large black circle inside of the triangle took on a 3D nature. It began to look as if it were an inky, purpley, black well with a thick swirling white mist which seemed to hover about 3 inches above it almost like a lake at dawn, but also more than that. Yet this mist also seemed to come up from underneath somehow. And everything that was happening stayed perfectly within the shape of the circle. The mist did not pour out over the edges, but rather floated there as if enshrined in an invisible barrier. It was no longer a painted black circle, it was a hole for lack of a better term, and yet it was filled with something more than just air. Not air, or water, or earth. Plasma would be the closest comparison I can come up with. Now i’m quite positive that this is a confusing description to say the least, but neither of us have ever laid eyes upon anything like it in our lives, or in our dreams for that matter!  A completely otherworldly quality, beyond my vocabulary to articulate. My husband and I gave each other a look that conveyed we were both experiencing this phenomenon. “He is here” cut across, and interrupted my thoughts. It was as if that didn’t come from me, but was implanted there. And I knew that it was true. But I couldn’t help but struggle against myself. The world of logic does not let go so easily. There’s a bizarre disconnect that happens when you first lay eyes on something that is supposed to not exist in reality. It’s like your brain and your eyes cannot agree. It can be very confusing. I’m sure many of you on this site can relate with that feeling. I closed my eyes, but when I opened them this phenomenon did not disappear. I looked away, and looked back, but it was still happening. No matter how many times in my life I’ve witnessed something that “should not be”, I always war against it in the beginning. We sat there for I don’t know how long, gazing into the triangle. But before we could loose ourselves completely into the swirling mist before us, something else entirely grabbed our attention simultaneously. Directly to my right hand-side, the light from the orange candle in the hexagram began to spin in circles around the base of the candle holder. It sped up faster and faster as we watched. We squeezed each other’s hands. The orange candle was completely still, the flame itself was just as still. It didn’t make sense.

Again I was perplexed. I stared at the light as it spun around and around taking on the appearance of one of those old timey black and white hypnotism disks that1930’s stage hypnotists used. I looked around the room for any explanation.The room had no air flow, we made sure of this. No fans, no vents in the room. Only one window which was shut tight and locked, with curtains drawn. My eyes darted to all of the different candles placed throughout the space. Every single one was perfectly still, including their flames. Not even the slightest flicker! Infact the candles seemed more like photographs of themselves rather than existing there with us in 3D. Which was bizarre in it’s own right! Again we lost ourselves in the spectacle of the light, but only until something even more shocking took our concentration away. Across the room something was moving. There was a layering of shadows off in the corner, and one of them was moving. I squinted my eyes to try and make out what I was looking at. Then it moved out from the corner and infront of the white door bathed in light. There stood the shadow of a tall man, but more than a shadow. It seemed like if I touched it, it would be tactile. Black velvet. Ot was definitely masculine, tall, broad shoulderd. I had the distinct feeling we were looking at each other, even though there was no discernable face that I could make out. Then it went into another bank of shadows on the side of the door, but did not disappear entirely. We could still clearly see the outline of the left half of his body. But he didn’t stay in one place for long. He would be still, and then go from from one side to the other. I’ve seen many unusual things in my life. Some that looked like how you would expect a ghost to look, as well as shadow beings. All seemingly there, but not quite. This was so much more than that. Like a solid black mass. His form was distinct, and the movement deliberate. While slightly unnerving, It was not scary. The energy in the room was exhilarating. I liked what I was feeling. Looking around I could see that all three phenomenon were taking place at the same time. Unable to deny, but still hard to believe I spoke out to Bune. “I respectfully request one solitary knock”. As soon as the last word left my mouth, one loud knock thundered out from the left corner behind us! I don’t know why I asked for only one knock, I didn’t put much thought in to it all really. The request just blurted out of me, and Bune obliged.  My husband and I smiled nervous smiles at each other. Now the whole room was buzzing. My ears were ringing loudly,  it almost felt like I was under water. Bune was with us, there was no more wasting time. My husband read out his portion of the Pact, then I read mine. We signed our names in ink, and then in blood. We directed Bune to the offering, we thanked him, and informed him that ritual was at an end. We told him that he could take his time, and enjoy the offering. That he was allowed to come or go as he pleased. We opted out of performing the license to depart. I could see that the shadowy movement from across the room had stopped, and all the shadows looked like regular old shadows.

I looked down at the Triangle of Art, the misty swirly portable was evaporating quickly, and then it was the usual painted black circle. The last to go was the spinning candle light, which stayed until right before we went to snuff it out. The light just went back to normal as if someone clicked a switch, it was weird. My husband felt elated, and exhausted at the same time. It was now 1: 40 something in the morning, but the whole thing felt like it went much faster than it did. Almost like there was no time at all. My husband fixed us plates of the same food’s that were given to Bune. We thought of it as breaking bread with our new friend. We were starving at this point, but it was hard to eat. The room was dark, and quite now. My body felt heavy, exhausted, but I couldn’t sleep. My husband past out sound asleep, but I just laid there until the first hint of indigo morning light started to creep in past the curtains. I kept going over each phenomenon in my head over and over. So many questions. So many different feelings. We were at the start of something truly incredible.

For me this night will always remain a definitive moment in my life. A point in time that represents something so sacred and personal to me, as well as something beautiful that was shared with my husband. We are together in this. Magicians working in tandem. Beyond the awesomeness of the experience, beyond the requests (which he is most definitely fulfilling)! Bune gave us so much more than anything we ever expected. One of those gifts was the gift of confirmation. We went into this ritual with no expectations regarding manifestation, but also did our best to be prepared for anything. Now I see how silly that is, there was no way to be prepared for that experience. We certainly realize just how immensely lucky we were to witness such miraculous phenomenon! I thought that if anything was going to happen, at most one of us would hear Bune in our head, or perhaps catch a glimpse if his ethereal face within the incense smoke. I will forever be grateful for the experience Bune gave us. And maybe these things don’t seem like much to who ever is reading this, but I assure you that if any one of these thing’s ever happens for any of you, you will be just as awestruck as were. There are no words that do Bune the justice he deserves. He has been with us ever sense, I even feel him now as I write this. This kind of Magick is never meant to be taken lightly. It’s strong. It becomes a part of you. Yet when done right, you will be manifesting destiny in the company of God’s! Bune wants to exercise his many talents, and share his extraordinary wealth of knowledge! He has so very much to offer beyond what is written in the Goetia! Bune is waiting for you!

Welhc Melan Avage Bune Tasa!

Hail Bune!