Many, many thanks to Duchess Bune!

Submitted By: C.E.
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

I felt drawn to Duchess Bune as I was working through childhood traumas. I made offerings to Duchess Bune and introduced myself, discussing the ways I was trying to grow personally + trying to help serve the world as best as I can. I was very anxious and felt like I wasn’t worthy of the gentle and patient presence I felt around me. Soon, though, Duchess Bune helped me learn how to make space for my feelings—how to fully feel difficult emotions so they can be released.

Duchess Bune helped me transform my whole life. I’ve released my childhood traumas, I have a new job that I love, my creativity has flourished, and I feel more secure in my life and more trusting of the people closest to me. I never thought I could feel so happy and at peace with myself.

A little story for anyone living with trauma/mental illnesses/etc., and are worried about whether you’re good enough: I used to be very anxious that my offerings weren’t good enough, or that I would disappoint Duchess Bune. One night, as I was working through a particularly difficult trauma and was feeling frightened and unworthy. Duchess Bune suggested that I offer them the commitment of brushing my teeth twice a day—something I struggled with in my darkest moments. I felt like I was surely misunderstanding something—wasn’t the point to be doing something that benefitted them? The response I felt was that the “offering” of being dedicated to taking care of myself shows that I’m committed to following Duchess Bune’s guidance so I can heal from many years of suffering, and so we can spread the most healing in the world. I’m incredibly fulfilled in my practice and am incredibly grateful for how much I’ve grown with the guidance of Duchess Bune.

Hail Duchess Bune! 🧡🏵🧡