Much needed hope!

Submitted By: Lady M
Bune Delivered within: 3 Days

This story is about my pact with Duchess Bune. I have personal goals of launching quite a few businesses all under one umbrella but for many years, I have tried with no success. I came to realize that I have some very deep rooted issues with my mindset when it comes to receiving money. I always expect the worst and that’s exactly what happens. But my mindset comes from years of being told that I cannot achieve my goals and that I cannot obtain the wealth and success that I desire. This stems from my childhood and has followed me into adulthood.

After some recent devastating events, I decided enough was enough and made a pact with Duchess Bune to start my journey to success. I expect my results to be slow and steady and I asked her to be gentle with me and help me overcome this negative belief pattern. Just a few days after I signed my pact, I have had 3 to 4 ideas about how to generate EASY money and so far one of these ideas is proving to be highly successful! This is something that I have worked towards for a couple years now, but I just didn’t see things from the right perspective. As requested, Duchess Bune has come into my mind and removed the blocks to help me see this money earning project from a slightly different angle and it has now become a reliable way to effortlessly make money every single day! I am extremely grateful and I can’t wait to experience more changes as I work with this wonderful spirit! Thank you so much Duchess Bune!! She comes to me in my mind with ideas and in my dreams with messages. The process is gentle and encouraging and has already been rewarding. If you are curious, I suggest you reach out with a genuine and kind open heart and work with Duchess/Duke Bune!