My life is brand new

Submitted By: Victoriia
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

I just remember reading about this around September 2019 and I tried it but it wasn’t exact because I didn’t have everything I needed at the moment so I didn’t think it would work. All I could think about was Bune and out of nowhere my stepdad sent me $3000! The beginning of my 2020 was amazing and I ran into an amazing job opportunity and I’ve been making so much money!!! My tax check is huge this year, even though I have a child, I’ve barely worked!! This pandemic is horrible and even though I’ve lost my job temporary I still have been making money randomly and these checks that were all getting from the virus just adds to it!!! I’ve been talking to other people and think about Bune a lot and I just want to say thank you so much for literally turning my life from dark to light in a matter of weeks!!! I will always speak highly and appreciate Bune!