Mysterious and unexpected

Submitted By: Grateful
Bune Delivered within: 3 Days

I have been drawn to Bune for the last couple of years. However, my personal fears prevented me from reaching out to her.

Lately, I’ve found myself in a desperate situation. I fell and suffered two fractures in my right elbow. As someone who works with their hands, this was, and still is, devastating.

On Dec 23rd, I set my fears aside. I set the table with tea and honey and a glass of sparkling water. I chanted her enn 108X and just began talking to her like she was an old friend. I explained the situation I was in, how desperate I was, and that I needed help.

On Christmas Day, I received a text from one of my co-workers stating that he had a card with money in it for me. I was so shocked and pleasantly surprised because I did not expect anything. The extra money is helping me a great deal.

Thank you Duchess Bune. I am filled with gratitude.