Needed within 3 weeks but Bune came through in 1!

Submitted By: Bob
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

So I called on Bune to deliver much needed holiday funds within ‘the next 3 weeks’ (a definite date was given), but it all came together in only a week. Truth be told the full amount will be in my account within 7-10 days but it’s a done deal. I offered red wine and incense, along with sugar, tobacco and cocoa – about a teaspoonful of each – this was what i had on hand. The amount requested was $2500 (with harm to none), the amount delivered was $3350…so far? Not sure if there may be more to come.

This was my first time working with this entity and i found her (a strong female energy came through) to be a very calm, comforting presence and i felt her energy around for a good while after. She has also visited my dreams on 3 occasions and, among other things, has told me to ‘have oranges next time you call!

I feel i would be amiss if i didn’t advise anyone reading this to show respect when calling on this entity, not grovelling, just honest respect, and to have faith that your petition has been heard and will be acted upon in the most fluid way possible.

Thank You Duchess Bune 🙂