Pact made around the same time my manager told me a great news

Submitted By: Alan
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

I love working in night shift in a hotel. This is where my introvert personality shines the most and pays extra. Although this is my requested shift, I have been occasionally been scheduled to do day shift. Hence I got Duke Bune’s portal via and his pact with him to be done at darkwitchbambi.

For the past one month or so, I have been chanting his enn while gazing at his sigil after I told him I want to be on permanent night shift. I also told him that to take his time with me as I know his time is precious. It was only last night that I received a message from that manager that I may have to work permanent night shift due to shortage of manpower. And it was also around this moment, my pact with Duke Bune was made.

Thank you, Duke Bune for your wondrous miracles!

Hail Duke Bune!