Peace of mind

Submitted By: Jking286
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

I just ran into Bune on the net today, and to be honest, it was really tiring day. Started with a very rough morning, need to get something done immediately. The most annoying part of the day was waiting for my turn at the transport ministry office. I make a wish to her, to help me get over it faster, and to my surprise, I was out of the office earlier than i should.

Everything was smooth, and no problem. I don’t really know if its her or not but from having a very bad mood, all out of sudden I felt calm and happy. I know its not the exact things i hoped for, but I believe and trust her that he will eventually deliver whatever wish i have asked of her to assist me with.

I am looking forward to work more with her after this. Not much, just enough. And thank you Bune, you are so great