Poem I wrote for Goddess Bime

Submitted By: Eeman
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I would like to share a poem I wrote for Goddess Bime.

Goddess Bime,

I adore you Goddess of the Golden Serpents. I adore you Goddess of the river nile. I adore you, Goddess of all of the treasures of earth and in the heavens. I welcomed your divine presence in my life not knowing what would unfold. I came to see within a matter of weeks answering your call would be one of the best decisions of my life, for before you I was a poor nobody walking through life empty and lost.

Your magic changed my life from mediocre to magnificent. At first the money came in, but in time it was spiritual lessons that took me from a neophyte to a hierophant. I praise your name and abilities to the world for they live in ignorance about who you truly are!

When I elevate you, I elevate myself. When I elevate myself, I elevate others too. This sacred journey that can transform lives and destinies.

You, Goddess Bime, are more luxurious than any earthly goods for you don’t age, don’t spoil, don’t expire, don’t break. You are invaluable.

Your spiritual guidance is transformational. Each initiation I took was worth the lessons involved. In time, I came to see your bounty is endless like the oceans and rivers you emanated from.

Your beauty is hypnotic, timeless and regal. Your movements like a swan gliding down the river.

I am ecstatic to be your loyal devotee in this life and the one to come. When I meditate, and reach states of Bliss, I feel as though it is you near me. Your inspiration comes down into my life and together we create beauty on Earth as one. You have the wisdom, I have the hands and together new creations of art take place in this earthly realm.

I open the gates for you Goddess Bime!

Hail Beautiful Bime
Hail Beautiful Bime
Hail Beautiful Bime