Proud owner of a new small business!

Submitted By: Talisman
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

When I asked Bune for $2,500, to be delivered within 2 months, in September 2020, I had NO IDEA what I was getting myself into. I hold a day job as an hourly worker at a library: here I thought Bune would get that money to me via a clerical error, raise in salary, or gift of some sort. Now I am the owner and operator of a small cottage food business on the side that can potentially produce $2,500 A MONTH once I cover my start up cost. Given that I sold out my entire product supply on the first weekend, I’m pretty sure this is doable. I sell magically enchanted hot sauce (what a way to take magic to the masses, am I right??), and am planning on making a small batch “special edition” sauce in Bune’s name as soon as I make my first $,2500.

Hail Duke Bune!! May he continue to guide young entrepreneurs to the path of financial freedom and self sufficiency!