Real Life Results

Submitted By: Tia
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

I invoked Bune after doing some research to see which Spirit could best help me to get back on my feet financially. I used a candle, incense and wrote a petition to Bune. I chanted the Spirit’s enn and got into a trance. This God/Goddess entered my apartment in female form. I noticed my dog barked several times at my front door while this was happening. Bune spoke with me and her energy was very big and grand and also ancient and primordial. She gave me instructions which I wrote down. I asked for a job that paid at least $25 hourly, among other things, and that is what she delivered. It was actually a job and a side gig with promised work and payment, which together equals about $25 per hour. I realize now I can petition Bune for something else. The job is not what I expected but it fits what I initially asked for. I might as well ask for what I truly desire.

Bune is an awesome Spirit to work with. Very generous and wants to see people get what they need. I recommend knowing what you really want ahead of time. And aiming high…there’s no need to be modest, just be honest. Bune is very powerful. She/he can also be called upon for wisdom and spiritual gnosis.

Thank you Bune!! ALL HAIL BUNE!

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