Sales Increase

Submitted By: WordBird79
Bune Delivered within: 3 Days

I have an online store which I started a few years back. The store did phenomenally until about a couple of months ago. It literally just tanked and I was trying everything I could think of to make my sales pick up again. I cast a circle with a number of crystal quartz stones with a crystal ball on the edge of my circle (goetic invocation with a twist).

I burned incense for him, and wore his sigil around my neck. After reciting conjuration, although I didn’t see him (or anything else) I got butterflies in my stomach…(totally surreal feeling by the way). I could feel that he had actually shown up for me, so I asked for financial help. I said that if he helped me a bit I would tell anyone who would listen what he had done for me. If he helped me a lot, I would tattoo his sigil on my body.

I’m counting the help (so far) as a bit of help so I’m doing as I promised… it does remain to be seen if I get the tattoo. I know skeptics could say that perhaps my sales just picked up for a host of other reasons, but the feeling I got deep down in the pit of my stomach while sitting in the middle of that circle, I’m pretty positive it was him.

If my financial success continues to rebound, I’ll get the tattoo… and be happy to do so.