Something beautiful

Submitted By: Enlightened
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

One evening after doing some research I was scrolling the goetia looking at sigils waiting for one to jump out at me. Immediately Bunes sigil drew my attention I took it as an immediate calling. Its funny I had even wound up in cemetery’s at night more than once (crazy stories) before I ever heard of Bune. I took that also as a sign Bune was speaking to me and around this time is when I was actually yearning for something but I just didn’t know what. After doing more research I took that as a calling as well. I did some simple evocation summing with Bune and I asked for some things and gave offerings and a promise to do something for Bune. Things immediately started coming to fruition for me. Even the eloquence and wisdom. It’s a beautiful thing and I love it.